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Articles on Missions

How a Missionary Was Made

God used a worn-out book we found in a laundromat to plow the ground, and then he used a small, dirty tract to plant the seed that caused our family to seek him.

No Greater Joy Finances

This past fiscal year was a very difficult year for NGJ. To minister globally at the high level we have ministered at over the past several years, we spent more than we (...)

Silent Presses

General Manager Mel Cohen gives an update on the translation and printing of the graphic novel Good and Evil. Find out how you can help reach language groups all over the (...)

We Go to Them

Shad Williams was transformed by the gospel. He was one of Mike’s ‘running buddies’ as they ministered to sailors and Marines en route to Vietnam. Shad and Sheila Williams sti (...)

Light in Nicaragua

Paul Karmin and Ray Lawson purchased Good and Evil books in the Spanish language which were sent to Nicaragua with a Baptist College Ministry from the University of South (...)

Mexico Missions

Mike Richardson launched Vida Nueva Ministries to help struggling Mexican families. A radical decision changed his outlook and impacted the effectiveness of his ministry (...)

Mongolian Missions

NGJ supports Mickey Cofer and his family on the mission field in Mongolia. Their letter was such an encouragement to us that we wanted to share it with you. Great blessings (...)

Contend for Your Faith

Nathan Pearl discusses the need to develop students of the Word that can contend for their faith. Read about his vision to make this a reality. Learn how you can participate (...)

I Dreamed a Dream

And you know what? God was listening and enjoying our dreams. He wanted to bless our hope. He only needed us to mature enough to realize that he didn’t need a lottery or a s (...)