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Year in Review

Our income was over 3 percent higher than our previous year, which translates into more ministry. We praise the Lord for the increase, in this tough economy. We appreciate (...)

A Regular Family Makes an Eternal Difference...

During a recent conversation with Debi, I shared about our involvement with the Good and Evil project, translating it into the Chichewa language of Malawi, Africa. She asked (...)

The Vision Movie (Update 2)

People learn their lifestyle principles from media. The 2002 Barna Research Group reported that media are the most influential forms of communication today.


How can I effectively witness to my non-Christian peers, especially when they have such alien worldviews and anti-Christian attitudes?

Obeying God's Command

It will never say, I can’t go, Lord, I don’t know the language, it would cost too much, my family could not hold up, I don’t have a gift for speaking...It is the perfect missi (...)


Nine out of every ten letters we receive are from prisoners requesting a copy of our Bible story book. They have seen a copy and want one of their own.

Russian Language Good and Evil Update

After evaluation by two independent translators, the almost-finished Russian translation that we have been working for several months was determined not to be up to our usual (...)

The Vision Movie (Part 2)

In the previous magazine we wrote about the meeting we had with Manny Edwards, a Christian man who happens to be a movie producer, writer and director.

The Vision Movie

The Vision has tremendous cinematic potential; exhilarating action sequences, romance, intrigue, and human and historic events on an epic scale. It needs to be made into a (...)

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