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The Vision Movie

The Vision has tremendous cinematic potential; exhilarating action sequences, romance, intrigue, and human and historic events on an epic scale. It needs to be made into a (...)


If we did not stay on top of the latest business and marketing ideas to continually expand our income base, we would not be able to minister adequately. We are a small (...)

The Chinese Waitress

You can show your children how to be a real light unto this world, not just a sweet example. You can make an eternal difference.

Good Ground

We have a vision of animating the Good and Evil book, complete with the voice dramatization and a music score and sound effects...missionaries can use it to carry the Bible (...)

The Vision, Chapter 1

6 A.M., Seattle, February 11 Asher Joel felt strangely detached, staring at the thick, gray morning fog cloaking the world beyond the diner’s window.

Cutting Edge

Let us forget about building ministries and get back to building the kingdom instead. We have the tools. The church has the money. And we clearly have the commission to do (...)

The Good and Evil Translation Project Moves...

To those that have joined NGJ in the translation of the Good and Evil illustrated Bible Storybook into over 25 languages worldwide we extend a heartfelt thank you. And to (...)

Untold Millions Are Now Being Told

Steve and other missionaries now have a tool that the people hungrily read, re-read, discuss, and ask questions about, and then they turn to the Bible itself to verify the (...)

First Generation Homeschool Missionaries

Joshua takes young men on longer mission trips into the mountains of Ukraine each summer to distribute gospel literature. It’s not for sissies.