Mother comforting her child

Emotional Manipulators

Just this week, a family was visiting us in the herb garden while their children played in the yard. The four-year-old girl seemed to be pouty and moody. For a while, she just watched the other children having fun, but didn’t participate. She was the smallest and often couldn’t keep up. After a time, making an attempt to chase after the others, she fell on the thick carpet of grass. She immediately began to scream as if the goat were eating her favorite hat. At the same time, she was doing a stumbling, “pitiful” run to her mother. “Poor child.”… Read More
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Carnal Husbands, Cranky Wives, and Cantankerous Kids

Michael Pearl

In our child training seminars there is always a time for questions and answers. It is during these times that we gain a grasp of your needs.

July 1996

Mountain Ma and Pa

Rebekah Rising

O, so much ter do So much ter be done! The work’s never through An the work ain’t much fun. No thanks fer yer labor No pay fer the job” Jest “What’s fer supper?” “How bout corn-on-da-cob?” Ya mop an … Read more

January 1996

Bad Attitude

Michael Pearl

In one of our recent seminars, a mother complained to Debi, “The children frustrate me so much…”

December 1995
Mother comforting her child

Emotional Manipulators

Michael Pearl

What irritates the mother about her child is actually a developing character flaw in the child.

May 1995