When the Worst Happens

WARNING to parents! Mature subject matter. Some of the topics in this article are not appropriate for children. Woe is the day when a good friend rages, “My little girl said that your son...” Or worse, you walk in on your boys and a neighbor kid in a state of undress, experimenting with their bodies. The horrors of discovering that your young teenage boy is addicted to the worst kinds of pornography, or catching your girls trading lurid notes with other girls or boys! I could go on and speak of the things you may discover about your sons or… Read More
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Homeschooled Girls

Studying the Book of Esther, Chapters 1–3

Debi Pearl and Friends

We have prepared this home Bible study for you to do by yourself or in the fellowship of other women.

September 2002
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The Jezebel Profile

Debi Pearl

When the name Jezebel comes to mind, most of us see the painted face of a seductively dressed woman gazing into the eyes of a man who lacks good sense. The Bible portrays Jezebel in a different light.

February 2002



Although I had been in church all of my life and had been taught out of the Bible, I was not saved and did not know anything about being a wife. As I look back, I now know that I made many mistakes in my relationship with my husband.

February 2002

Nip It in the Bud

Debi Pearl

I watched as a mischievous 3-year-old tried to get some attention from the stranger talking to his daddy. He stood between them, throwing his smile up to this new and interesting fellow while lightly kicking his leg. He didn’t have a bad attitude, just bad manners.

July 2001
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Do You Believe in Birth Control?

Debi Pearl

Dear Pearls,

I have had 4 babies in the last 2 years. I already had 4 other young children. My husband does not share my conviction on trusting God in the area of how many babies we have. He has been very angry because I refuse any use of birth control.

July 2001

A Wise Woman Builds Her House

Debi Pearl

A wise woman doesn’t take anything for granted. She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely.

April 2001

Questions a Wife Can Ask to Tear Her House Down

Debi Pearl

Proverbs 14:1 “Every wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.”

February 2001

The Parental Root

Michael Pearl

A mother wrote this letter to us. It is so terribly typical, we feel compelled to answer it plainly. As you read it, think of yourself as the counselor and take note of your own responses.

April 1999

What Daddy Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him

Michael Pearl

Linda, just three years old, loves to go to Grandma’s house. The first thing she does when she runs through the door is ask for the candy.

January 1999

12 Parenting Essentials

Michael Pearl

Love is many a thing, from a feeling that might be selfish, to a service done in secret. Love can be the crest of an emotion, or it can be the toil of assistance.

January 1999