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The Heart of a...

The first time I heard it was at college. I am sure we were supposed to be studying, but Rachel, my good friend, and I were casually talking, surrounded by dozens of books, papers, assignments, pieces of sheet music, leftover coffee cup sleeves, one laptop, and a keyboard. “We were having a family discussion one night around the dinner table,” she was saying, “and someone brought up the question, ‘Who is the happiest person you know?’ The vote was unanimous. Everyone decided it was Cathy Steele.” The thought surprised me. Not because my mom isn’t a happy person; she is.… Read More
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Corny, Ten Different Ways

Debi Pearl

When we moved to Cane Creek 11 years ago we went from the haves to the havenots. We weren’t exactly affluent but we had what we wanted when we wanted. Moving here changed all that.

November 1998

The Flavor of Joy

Michael Pearl

Parenting, like courtship, must be properly seasoned with joy. Parenting without joy is not only tasteless, it is tiresome. Joy is the expression of present life—yet more, it is the energy and vision of life that shall be.

July 1998

It’s the Book’s Fault

Michael Pearl

…In a way, I feel worse with my pretty-well-balanced kids than I did with the unruly first one…

May 1998

Broken Circles

Michael Pearl

The names and some details have been changed to protect the guilty, but the events are true.

March 1998

Training Fleshy Flesh

Michael Pearl

Occasionally we receive criticism about our emphasis that parents should set up training sessions for their children. Our first book on child training, To Train Up A Child, contained an illustration of how we trained our children…

March 1998
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Debi Pearl

I often ask myself, “Have they chosen to be bound?” Though I know in my heart, no one, not even the insane, chooses to be bound.

January 1997

Sibling Squabbles

Michael Pearl

Children attempt to control their environment, which means the people around them, through pity or threat.

January 1997

Happy as a June Bug

Michael Pearl

Most of you live in cultures quite different from here in Middle Tennessee. One of the dear ladies in our church, widowed, 57 years old, lives alone, deep in the woods, on thirty-six acres.

December 1996

Family Productions

Michael Pearl

I recently met a little three-year-old girl who is the product of life with her parents.

August 1996

Channel 23

Michael Pearl

A modern Psalm taken from “The New International Unchristian Perversion.”

July 1996