Love is Like God

Dear Pearls, My children are obedient, intelligent, and hard-working. But somewhere I’ve failed and it’s becoming obvious. My children hate each other. There is never a kind word spoken between them, they hate to work together, fight with an intense dislike, and seem consumed with looking out for themselves alone. My son dominates to the point of being a bully and tyrant, and my daughter uses rejection and solitude. My one-time easy going, happy baby is following in their footsteps. We have clear boundaries of ownership and rights, but the children NEVER play together or share. They don’t even speak… Read More
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So, Who’s Disabled?

Michael Pearl

Mother, why are you cleaning up this room; isn’t this your little girl’s room? “Yes, but she’s only three, not big enough to clean up yet.”

July 1997


Michael Pearl

Mother number One: “I simply can’t understand what has happen to my son John. He has always been the one child I could trust to always do right. He has always been so thoughtful, polite and sensitive to the…

February 1996

Training Teens

Michael Pearl

For a teenager it is too late to “train up a child,” but it is not too late to lead them into the paths of righteousness.

January 1996