Abusive Husband

I want you to read what I must read all too often. "Hi, I've been reading your material for years and respect your insight on child rearing. It has helped me immensely! I have a friend that is married to a verbally abusive husband. Most of your material is geared to married Christians. This friend of mine is saved, but her husband is not. They have a seven-year-old daughter that is a confused, emotional wreck already. Her husband has had multiple affairs with other women. He uses their daughter to manipulate situations and hurt her mother. Whatever training the mother… Read More
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Marriage: Sharing the Pie

Michael Pearl

Love doesn’t keep accounts. It doesn’t keep score. When we start keeping score, it’s a game—a game where we are counting winners and losers. More than anything we want our fair share of the pie, and if we don’t feel we are getting it we accuse, mistrust, and feel misused. Faith relationships can’t be built on selfishness or accusations.

October 2019

Give Him Some Slack, Not Flack

Debi Pearl

When I look around at the marriages that are really sweet, I see that the lady of the house cuts her man some slack. Giving slack is just acknowledging that he deserves to be allowed to be who he is.

June 2019
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Answer From a Former Enabler


OK, I have a question. How should a wife handle the husband if he blames her for all discomfort he feels? If she tries to point out that it is his own issue, he gets angrier and verbally and emotionally … Read more

April 2019

From Our Mailbox: “He’s Happier Than I Have Ever Seen”

A friend of the ministry

Neither my husband nor I began well with relationships. This is a third marriage for each of us. I recently read your book Created to be His Help Meet, and I wanted to write and share my story with you and tell you what a blessing this book has been to me and my marriage.

April 2019

To Train Up a Visionary?

Karen Sargent

A reader asks: how can I encourage my Visionary husband to focus his creative abilities when doing anything steady is an almost repulsive idea?

February 2019

Married to a Visionary

Karen Sargent

When I was a young girl, most of the examples of good marriages in my life—my parents, my grandparents, a close aunt and uncle—were of women married to Steady men. So naturally, that’s how I envisioned my own would be. I didn’t know what I was getting when I got a classic Visionary.

October 2018

From Mr. Steady’s Wife

A friend of the ministry

I am married to a Mr. Steady. He is sweet, loving, patient, and good to me. Is there such a thing as Mrs. Command Lady? If so, that’s me. But this command lady is learning that everything about our marriage is better when Mr. Steady is in control.

August 2018
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The Nature of Man and Woman

Beth Determan

Learning to trust my husband was the beginning. Letting him lead, hearing the words come out of my mouth, “I fully, 100% trust you with my family, with the decisions that need to be made, with however you feel like we should do,” was giving him back his manhood.

April 2018

Who Is Your Man?

Debi Pearl

Every young bride has a preconceived notion of what her husband should be like. When she realizes that he fails to meet that standard, she spends the remainder of their marriage trying to change him. A bride’s foundational mistake is … Read more

February 2018

“I Am That Woman”

A friend of the ministry

Dear Debi, A few months after my husband and I married, I found myself in the pit of emotional distress and feeling like maybe my marriage wasn’t going to make it. About that time I received your book, Created to … Read more

December 2017
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