Men Only, Not Boys

My wife read "Created To Be His Help Meet", but it did not change her or our marriage. She has absolutely no respect for me, is very rebellious toward me, and outwardly refuses to obey me in nearly every manner possible. She does not acknowledge that I have any authority over her. I have told her that she needs to obey me and leave it up to God to deal with me if I am wrong. I am heartbroken. I have been unable to make her happy in nearly everything for years. I feel that she needs a serious trial… Read More
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Front cover of No Greater Joy Ministries' book "Samuel Learns to Yell & Tell"

Introducing a Powerful New Children’s Book from Debi Pearl

Debi Pearl

Of the reported sexual assaults on children, 90 percent are done by friends or family, and most violations never come to light. Predators are aware that parents are naïve.

October 2010

Adrenaline Rush

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Of special concern is how we as parents help our sons survive the most powerful force of their growing-up years that they will ever encounter;the girl-crazy years.

June 2009
A bride with curly red hair hugs her mother

The Heart of a Joyful Mom

Jennifer (Steele) Carroll

She truly carries the joy of the Lord with her at all times, but when we were young, and because it was always lived out before us as a normal way of life, we never saw it as out of the ordinary. After all, wasn’t this the way it was supposed to be?

April 2009

Learning With a Purpose

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

I am a young mother and just beginning my homeschooling years. I am learning as I go along. Every day has new challenges. I have been working with Gracie, my oldest child who is now three years old, from the time she was a baby.

June 2008


Teresa Ware

How do you train your children to talk one at a time when they all want your attention at once?

June 2008

Men Only, Not Boys

Michael Pearl

My wife read “Created To Be His Help Meet”, but it did not change her or our marriage.

August 2007


Shalom (Pearl) Brand

My husband is a mechanic, and in his line of work he meets all kinds of different people, because everybody needs their car worked on at one time or another. There are at least two kinds of people, the thankful and the unthankful.

June 2007

Poor little fat girl

Debi Pearl

Life has enough temptations and challenges without creating another one. Being fat is a battle that need never be fought. Your baby deserves to be spared that battle.

April 2004

Working Character into Your Children, Part 2

Michael Pearl

What does the Bible say about working? Working is godly for God works. The Bible starts off in the second chapter of Genesis telling us about God resting from his work.

December 2002

Working Character into Your Children, Part 1

Michael Pearl

“All work is pain,” said a French philosopher. You don’t have to be smart to know that. I could have uttered such words of wisdom when I was five years old. The older I get the truer it becomes. We live in a plain community made up of Amish and Mennonite farmers and laborers.

September 2002
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