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The Heart of a...

The first time I heard it was at college. I am sure we were supposed to be studying, but Rachel, my good friend, and I were casually talking, surrounded by dozens of books, papers, assignments, pieces of sheet music, leftover coffee cup sleeves, one laptop, and a keyboard. “We were having a family discussion one night around the dinner table,” she was saying, “and someone brought up the question, ‘Who is the happiest person you know?’ The vote was unanimous. Everyone decided it was Cathy Steele.” The thought surprised me. Not because my mom isn’t a happy person; she is.… Read More
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Although I had been in church all of my life and had been taught out of the Bible, I was not saved and did not know anything about being a wife. As I look back, I now know that I made many mistakes in my relationship with my husband.

February 2002

A Wise Woman Builds Her House

Debi Pearl

A wise woman doesn’t take anything for granted. She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely.

April 2001

To Train Up a Grandmother

Michael Pearl

I am 70 years old. My husband went home to be with the Lord a year ago and my problem of overeating got worse.

November 2000

The Power of the Media Revisited

Michael Pearl

I have new information confirming our former hypothesis concerning the recent technological advances in child training and behavior control.

May 1998
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Broken Circles

Michael Pearl

The names and some details have been changed to protect the guilty, but the events are true.

March 1998

After Its Kind, and Then Some

Michael Pearl

When I see orange, the same shade as the fruit, I experience an involuntary citrus constriction in the muscles of my jaw.

May 1996

Tot’s Talk

Rebekah Rising

I overheard two little tots. Discussing in great length Just why their mamas spank them. It made me pause and think. “My mommy spanks me when she’s mad,” I heard a young voice say, “It makes her angry when I’m … Read more

December 1995