Tommy's Story

Tommy’s Story

[notice]NOTE: DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU ASK YOUR PARENTS[/notice] This is a family magazine written to bless and encourage, therefore you can understand that this article is printed with great reluctance. But if it will save your children, then we must tell Tommy’s Story.   A Word from Mike: Many of you will be offended. We considered this but decided that not printing it would be refusing to declare what we know is happening. God says in Isaiah 21:6 “For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.” We are the… Read More
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Church Youth Group

Michael Pearl

Dear Pearls,
We homeschool our three children. Now that the oldest one has turned 13, we feel under some pressure for him to participate with the church youth and their weekend retreats.

June 2003

Other Children Changing Your Child’s Destiny

Debi Pearl

…Did you ever experience this as you raised your children around other families? I feel sort of hopeless, that I will never find friends who hold the same conservative values and who train their children…

June 2003

The Challenge

Michael Pearl

There was a time when somewhere in every large city there was a dirty building, dimly lit, tucked back where decent folks would never go. Nearby was a liquor store and a cheap motel that rented rooms by the hour.

April 2002
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SINFUL Sensitivity

Michael Pearl

This sensitivity to not offend is a symptom of this hedonistic generation. The last virtue of a wicked society is tolerance. A sinner will throw away all the Bible, but still quote, “Judge not that ye be not judged.”

April 2002


Michael Pearl

Dear Michael,
I am a husband and a stepfather of a three-year-old. I’m hooked on pornography. I sometimes think I can’t make it without it.

April 2002

Insulate Your Children Within

Michael Pearl

In our recent article on betrothal, I mentioned that many homeschooling parents insulate their children without, but fail to insulate them within. We have received a number of inquires as to how parents should go about insulating their children within.

February 2001

To Betroth or Not to Betroth? That is the Question.

Michael Pearl

The dangers of the betrothal system are exposed with the light of Biblical truth, bringing objectivity back to an often-misunderstood subject.

December 2000

Broken Circles

Michael Pearl

The names and some details have been changed to protect the guilty, but the events are true.

March 1998

The Reformed School of Alexandria

Michael Pearl

We did not raise our children in a classroom environment. I conducted my “classes” in the front seat of the pickup or in the cabinet shop. Deb conducted her classes in the kitchen or sitting at the kitchen table enthusiastically discussing points of interest to the children.

January 1998

Barbie Dolls or Baby Dolls?

Debi Pearl

Many parents have expressed concern over Barbie-like dolls.

December 1997