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Articles on Silver Lining

A Vision

Hitting the road.

One Such as I

Will YOU stand in the gap?

Israel: Thriving at 65

Israeli ingenuity has made little Israel seem much bigger than it is. Many of today’s technological advancements in agriculture, computing, medicine, telecommunications, and m (...)

God Keeps His Promises

Israel—Such a small group of people on a tiny piece of land about the size of New Jersey—yet, such productivity. They are dwarfed by 22 hostile Arab/Islamic dictatorships 640 (...)


“Big Papa, Big Papa. You have to see this. It’s a mystery!”

The Power of a Box

My whole life of creativity, writing, art, homeschooling, and child training reflects those wonderful boxes of opportunity.

Only One Life

“Only one life twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.” C.T. Studd

Living Large

We all want the best for our children. We want them to be used by God to do great things, to be world-changers and make a difference in eternity. But these things don’t h (...)

Does Your Kid Hate Homeschooling?

Do some of your children hate school? If so, it is probably because what is being taught does not translate into real life; it is not favorable to producing creative (...)