Three young girls skipping through a field.

Need a Spouse…ANYONE?

We have three sisters who live in our area. They are blessed to have a very wise and caring older brother. I know this to be so, because once in a while he will send word that one or all of his sisters are to show up at his church (an hour’s drive from their home) or to some social function. The girls once explained to me that when their brother gets to know Godly young men, he sets up scenarios for his sisters to meet these possible suitors. So far, none of the sisters (all under 20 years old)… Read More
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The Box

The Box

Author unknown

A classic we thought you’d enjoy!

October 2012
Preparing To Be A Help Meet

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

This is from the Preparing blog site. The girls are discussing Shalom’s article in the Sept/Oct 2012 NGJ magazine, “Where Are the Men?” It caused quite a stir.

October 2012

Go, and Sneer No More

Debi Pearl

How can a man truly love a woman who treats him with disdain and disapproval? The recipe for a good marriage doesn’t include a pinch of scorn.

October 2012
Don't Give Up on the Prodigal

Don’t Give Up on the Prodigal

Michael Pearl

What is to be done when grown children have turned away from all that parents hold dear? How can flawed parents make an eternal difference in the lives of wayward children? Be encouraged. There’s hope!

December 2011
Pilot flying helicopter

Homeschool to Blackhawk

Marc Cohen

If God’s given you a natural talent for something and a passion to do it, maybe that’s His cue. It’s not always a thundering voice from heaven.

December 2010
Crying young woman, disgruntled man with topknot, and praying young woman

Poor Miss Loveless & Her Sister

Debi Pearl

Can a saved parent hold a grown child back from having a life that God would freely give? What does the Bible say?

June 2010
Dark haired dark eyed tan skinned young woman wearing sparkling headband holding up her wedding dress before a mirror preparing to be a help meet

Preparing to Be a Help Meet—NEW BOOK!

Debi Pearl

Being a good help meet starts long before marriage. It is a mindset, a learned habit, a way of life established as a young unmarried girl—or at least that’s the way it should be.

February 2010
Young Woman

What I Want in a Guy!

A Young Woman

I am a 22-year-old girl who has met and seen my fair share of couples. I’ve traveled a good bit and lived with/helped out different families doing mission work.

June 2009
Young man looking up to his left, thinking

What I Am Looking for in a Wife

A Young Man

The most attractive women I’ve met are those who are satisfied where they are, yet are open for more of what God has for them. This is a freedom only God can give.

June 2009
Three young girls skipping through a field.

Need a Spouse…ANYONE?

Debi Pearl

Love, marriage and the baby carriage make life so sweet. Wise up, you brothers. A bunch of good sisters are sitting at home somewhere waiting….and waiting….and waiting.

June 2009