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Then and Now: Reinforcements Coming and You...

There is a mighty army Being trained to stand and fight, A battlefield of soldiers Learning what is right... You are that mighty army, We've watched you being trained; You've (...)

The Midas Touch

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

A Wise, Happy Father-in-Law

Your children need “hope” possibilities.

Only One Life

“Only one life twill soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last.” C.T. Studd

It's Time

In just a few years, the story on pages 315-318 of the Good & Evil book has been repeated in the lives of millions of people in over 40 different language groups. In America (...)

The Box

A classic we thought you'd enjoy!

This is from the Preparing blog site. The girls are discussing Shalom’s article in the Sept/Oct 2012 NGJ magazine, “Where Are the Men?” It caused quite a stir.

Go, and Sneer No More

How can a man truly love a woman who treats him with disdain and disapproval? The recipe for a good marriage doesn’t include a pinch of scorn.

Don't Give Up on the Prodigal

What is to be done when grown children have turned away from all that parents hold dear? How can flawed parents make an eternal difference in the lives of wayward children? (...)

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