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Poor Miss Loveless &...

Question: Dear Mrs. Debi, I love your new book, Preparing to Be a Help Meet. I was deeply affected by the phrase, “I can think of nothing I want more than someone to truly love me.” I am a 27-year-old homeschooled girl. My older sister and I have no reason to believe marriage is in sight. Mom is a wonderful person, but still believes it is her total responsibility to guide and protect us as if we were still children. This might be fine and good, but the years have passed and Mom is so much in our faces and… Read More
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My Love Story

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Every girl I know who has a desire to find a good man and raise a family has the same fear. Will I find the right one?

April 2007
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What does it mean to be a Man?

Michael Pearl

It’s time to draw the line between boys and men.

August 2006

Influencing Free Choice

No Greater Joy Ministries

How do we as fathers influence our children’s free will to make a choice to love God?

June 2006
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Jumping Ship (Part 5)

Michael Pearl

What to do when you have a child who has jumped ship.

April 2006

Dad’s Daughter

Michael Pearl

Dad, you must get this one right. If you mess up here, all that you have invested in your daughter could be wasted on a dud.

March 2006


Rebekah Rising

Calling all Teenagers… Normal, healthy, smart, beautiful, talented, needed, wonderful…. Hey – I’m talking to you.

February 2006

Jumping Ship (Part 4)

Michael Pearl

If you want to almost guarantee that your children will not jump ship (other factors being equal), provide a community life that holds promise of suitable future mates.

December 2005

Jumping Ship (Part 3)

Michael Pearl

I was one of those children who jumped ship, and I did so for all the reasons you listed. My parents were hypocrites and expected the same from my sister and me.

August 2005

Jumping Ship (Part 1)

Michael Pearl

What to do so your children don’t jump ship to the world when they get older.

April 2005


Michael Pearl

Face it, the church today is not a sanctuary from the world nor is it a “holy” place.

February 2005