Three young girls skipping through a field.

Need a Spouse…ANYONE?

We have three sisters who live in our area. They are blessed to have a very wise and caring older brother. I know this to be so, because once in a while he will send word that one or all of his sisters are to show up at his church (an hour’s drive from their home) or to some social function. The girls once explained to me that when their brother gets to know Godly young men, he sets up scenarios for his sisters to meet these possible suitors. So far, none of the sisters (all under 20 years old)… Read More
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Silly Boys

Michael Pearl

Perpetually silly boys are an embarrassment to their fathers and a shame to their mothers; moreover, they are the public proof of a father’s neglect and a mother’s indulgence.

June 2008

Just Foolin’ Around

Johnny Taylor

It seems that foolish children have become the norm in our society. Parents or guardians excuse silliness by saying, “They’re just kids; they’ll grow out of it.” So they are allowed to be fools until it seems to be the … Read more

June 2008
Young girl

The Sin of Tolerance

Gabriel Pearl

Most moral boundaries are written in stone, clear to anyone who can and will see. We all know it’s wrong to smoke crack, watch MTV, or beat our wives.

April 2008
Feistal Family

Building On Rock

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

I have told my husband more than once that I hope the Lord will come back before my children reach teen years, so that I will not lose any of them to the world. Then yesterday, I realized my perspective … Read more

February 2008

Wolf in Grandma’s Clothing

Debi Pearl

We receive letters like this so often it looks like a plague.

February 2008
Boy on couch holding video game controller and slice of pizza


Michael Pearl

I understand the strength of their addiction. They may refuse any alternative. It may be that they do not find anything as fun as punching buttons and looking at a flashing screen.

December 2007

What Are We Going to Do?

Michael Pearl

I remember so clearly how it used to be: “What are we going to do, Daddy?” Now it is: “What are we going to do, Big Papa?”

August 2007

A Thankful Heart

Nathan Pearl

Children Learn Heart Attitudes from Mom and Dad’s Actions

June 2007

Little Women

Zephyr Pearl

Pleasing Those You Love

June 2007


Shalom (Pearl) Brand

My husband is a mechanic, and in his line of work he meets all kinds of different people, because everybody needs their car worked on at one time or another. There are at least two kinds of people, the thankful and the unthankful.

June 2007