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Articles on Toddlers

The King's Chair

Most libraries have storage rooms where they sell old magazines for a few cents each. About 35 years ago, all I had was a few cents, so I wandered into the library’s old m (...)

Let the Little Children

These little ones are unwritten books, a student ready to learn. What a heavenly gift; what an awesome responsibility.

Child Training Marathon Revisited and Updated

Fifteen years ago, when Deb and I were much younger, a homeschooling family invited us to stay with them for an entire week to critique their child training methods. We had (...)

Serious Smile

If you look at the quality of your trust, your smile may vanish, but if you look to the success of Him whom you trust, there will always be more than enough motivation to (...)

They're Smarter Than You Think

Here was my half-pint grandson wrestling with reconciling the sovereignty of God with the free will of a squirrel.

Little Pearls—A Little Child Shall Lead T...

Deb and I were driving along with Jeremiah, our grandson, and he was chattering away as usual, ending every sentence with, “Is that right?” He is not wanting confirmation; he (...)

Little Pearls—The Instructor

How do you judge the age or maturity of a soul? When can it be hurt—perhaps even permanently scarred?

Learning to Share

Gracie has learned that it is better to have a little sister in the way than to play by herself in her room.

Dogs Cats and Kids

The life principle that will always work for you is one I have stated many times. Never forget it. “Make all negative behavior counterproductive, and reward all positive b (...)