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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl
Episode 036: If we are not born with a sinful nature, then why did Jesus need to be born from a virgin?

By Michael Pearl

Episode Transcription:

Michael Pearl:  All right, Michael Pearl here. We are cleaning this 41 pound buffalo caught out of the Tennessee River while we answer your bible questions. Man this is a tough old bird here. Jared is standing there behind the camera. He's got some questions. So Jared, well... I need to sharpen my knife. Why don't you give us the questions and we'll see what we can come up with.

Jared:  If we are not born with a sinful nature, then why did Jesus need to be born from a virgin?

Michael:  OK! When Adam sinned he was the head of the human race. He was appointed by God to be the number one. And the soul that God breathed into Adam. He breathed the breath of life into him, was God's soul. And that soul Adam passed on to future generations. Whatever Adam did, the whole human race did because the whole human race was in his body. In the book of Hebrews we find a passage of scripture that says that Abraham paid tithes in the loins of Melchizedek. Now what is that talking about? Abraham had a son who had a son who had a son named Levi. And Levi was appointed to be a priest. Now Abraham was long dead, 200 years dead, when Levi became a priest. And the Jews paid tithes to the tribe of Levi. Now Abraham didn't pay tithes to Levi as we understand it directly. But the Bible said that he did. That he paid tithes, that Levi was in the loins of Abraham. And so Abraham in effect paid tithes. Now, whenever Adam sinned you and I were in his loins.

What does that mean? That means that in his semen, where the soul is passed to the female and passed on to future generations we were all present. So when Adam sinned you and I sinned as well. Now, the Bible said that death passed upon all men. God pronounced a death sentence on Adam and restricted him from access to the tree of life. So without access to the tree of life, his natural body, his corruptible body, began to die. And when you and I are born we are born with Adams corruptible body, the one we got from his loins.

We are also born under the same sentence of death. The book of Romans in chapter 5 speaks of how that in Adam all died. How that, by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin. So death passed upon all men. For all have sinned. That is, when Adam sinned all of us were participants in Adam's body and all of us received the same death sentence that Adam received.

So Jesus had to be born of a virgin to avoid the curse that was upon Adam. Had he had male sperm then he had not been God. Jesus was born with God's sperm. God artificially inseminated, created his generated sperm into the womb of the virgin Mary. Now there was not copulation but there was an implantation. Because the Bible said that which is conceived in thee is of the Holy Ghost. So actual conception took place in the womb of the virgin Mary. That is semen and egg came together, conceived.

The result was a God‑Man. The soul of God and the soul of man blended into one whole in a purely human body. That's why it had to be. Not because he was avoiding a sinful nature. He was avoiding the curse that fell upon Adam. Now Jesus Christ was fully man and fully God at the same time.

I have a series of tapes on that called "Sinful Nature", CDs or mp3s I think it is. So I think you can download those or you can get it from "No Greater Joy". I go into great detail. I go into all the scripture on that subject. In fact the word "nature" if I remember correctly. It appears about 11 or 12 times or something about that. It could be up to 25 but I think it is about 11 or 12, if I remember correctly.

And not once does the word "sinful" ever appear with the word "nature" like sinful nature. In fact, every time that the word "nature" is used the opposite is implied. For instance, concerning lesbianism it says that the women did that which was against nature, contrary to nature. So all sins are contrary to our human nature. "If in fact we had a sinful nature that would be the best of all excuses for sinning,” Charles G. Finney said.

That the sin would be God's fault, not mine if I were born predisposed to sin and incapable to doing anything else. Now, when we are born, we are born separated from God. And that makes us predisposed to independence which leads to sin. But we are not born with some kind of a fixed inclination to sin. We are born with a fixed inclination to indulge. Which is what God created Adam with. Adam had a desire to see things pleasant, to eat food, to be wise, gifts God gave him. And it is those very attributes that Adam exercised that led to his sin.

So if the presence of universal sin can only be explained by sinful nature, how would you explain Adam having sinned or Lucifer having sinned before that. Certainly there was no possibility of any kind of an evil nature being present. Or how would you explain the fact that Christ was tempted in all points like as we are.

Certainly he didn't have Adam's nature. Yet he was tempted. What was the nature of temptation? What was in him that could be aroused to lust, to disobey God, except his God given human attributes?

Announcer:  If you would like to ask a Bible question, email us at [email protected] or call at 931‑805‑4820.

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One comment on “If we are not born with a sinful nature, then why did Jesus need to be born from a virgin?”

  1. there are some errors in reference to scripture in the above video teaching. scripture does not say that abraham paid tithes to levi but rather that levi paid tithes to melchisedek. it wasnt an ascendent paying tithes to a descendant but rather a descendant paying tithes through an ascendent. I still get the point he was trying to make, but you might want to correct that for folks who arent as familiar with the bible. we appreciate your ministry! god bless you!

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