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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl
Episode 041: What does the Bible say about the serpent seed?

By Michael Pearl

Episode Transcription:

Michael Pearl:  All right, I'm trying to get this manure spreader lubricated so I can go out and spread some bull in my garden! You ought to see kids when they say, "What are you going to do with that cow doo‑doo?" "I'm going to put that on my garden so my tomatoes will grow." And they say, "Tomatoes eat doo‑doo?" I say, "Yeah, that's what makes them big and red." "I don't want any of your tomatoes!"

Takes a while to get used to it, if they're not country kids.

All right, we're going to answer some Bible questions today, and Jared’s there behind the camera, and then we're going to go out and spread a little manure, pretend we're politicians! What's the first question, Jared?

Jared:  What does the Bible say about the serpent seed, that Eve copulated with the serpent and produced Cain?

Michael:  Nothing. The Bible says nothing about it. There's nothing in the Bible about Eve copulating with a serpent and producing Cain. That's a doctrine that is invented by white Aryans out of the desire to denigrate the black race and say that the blacks are half‑human. We had a group that lived here close by, white supremacists. The reason we knew they were white supremacists is they would run around there in the woods there with their AK‑47s, shooting at stumps, hollering, "KILL! KILL! KILL!", and they all had their heads shaved and you couldn't tell the girls from the guys, they had their heads shaved too. All filled up with tattoos.

One of them gave me a book that espoused that doctrine. This was 15, 18 years ago. My father's Jewish and so [laughs] they found out I had Jewish in my background, so I was kind of concerned about them being just over the hill there, not too far from me. You could hear them shooting from here.

Now, they eventually got arrested for shooting into a synagogue in Nashville. I don't know if they're still in jail or not.

I couldn't hardly believe it when I read their book on that Satan's seed. There is no scriptural basis for such a thing. What they say is that Eve said, "I've gotten a man‑child from the Lord." And they say what she was really saying was that she didn't get it from Adam, she got it from a god, and the Lord there wasn't the Lord God, but it was Satan that she's calling Lord.

Wow, what a stretch. I mean, you could stretch cast iron [laughs] if you could buy something like that. I mean, how do you answer something that's not in the Bible that someone wants to read into it. In fact, this book says that the blacks are half‑beast and that they should be treated well.

Not poorly, because no man treats his mules poorly. He feeds them, takes care of them, so he can utilize them in the field. And that's the way black people need to be treated since the blacks are a by‑product of Eve copulating with the Devil, and the Devil was a beast of the field, you remember that? And so, therefore, the offspring was half‑beast.

The only thing is, a few years later, God wiped out the whole Earth except Noah and his three sons. And it says of Noah and his three sons that he was perfect in all his generations.

The word 'generations' is used not as we would use the word "generation" today, as in the people who live during a certain time frame. When the Bible says, "these are the generations of Adam," and then it names his descendants, or, "these are the generations of Abraham," and then it gives a long list of his descendants.

So when it's saying that Noah was perfect in his generations, it's saying that Noah was without any blemish in the heritage, the family lineage that brought him up to where he was. In other words, there was no mixture with satanic seed, which recurs in Genesis Chapter six there with the offspring being giants.

So in other words, when Noah got off the boat, and his family, if there was such a thing as Eve copulating with the Devil, that line had died out. And so, you'd have to find a beginning of that after the flood in order to carry it on beyond the flood, since only eight souls went onto the boat and eight souls got off, and God confirmed them all as being perfect.

So how can you answer something so stupid? It reminds me of that proverb that says, "Answer not a fool, lest you be a fool with him. And answer a fool, lest he continue in his folly." So, those of you not complete fools and hadn't bought such a thing, I gave you an answer so you won't be a fool with them. But, that makes me feel like a fool even just addressing the subject.

A good place to do it while we're spreading a lot of cow, huh?

Announcer:  If you would like to ask a Bible question, email us at [email protected] or call at 931‑805‑4820.

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