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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl
Episode 052: Do pets go to Heaven?

By Michael Pearl

Episode Transcription:

Michael Pearl:  All right. Good exercise for the old man. I'm Michael Pearl. I'm a Bible teacher, a knife thrower, and a catfish catcher, and a granddaddy, 18 grandkids. I had four new ones this year. I had one this past week, cute little girl. I couldn't remember if it was a girl or boy, but it's a pretty little girl and real healthy and it came out just fine. I'm here to answer any Bible questions you've got. Jared follows me around with his camera. So, Jared, what's the first question you've got today?

Mike:  Hi, my name is Mike. I'm from Reseda, California. And my question is will all Christians be raptured or only the Christians that overcome and are remembered in the Book of Remembrance? That's my question, and just like another mini question, will pets be reunited with their owners in heaven? Thank you.

Michael:  All right. Will pets be reunited with their owners? Well, some kid asked me the other day if there would be animals in heaven, and you're not a kid but my answer to him was Jesus is going to come back riding on a white horse. So, that's an animal, right? And then, it says he hears us from between the horns of the unicorn. I don't know how you get between the horns of a unicorn. Maybe, it's like a rhinoceros and he's called a unicorn, big horn, little horn and he's riding between them. Or, maybe, there's another creature in heaven that's got kind of one horn that's split and he's between them.

Then, the Bible speaks of the dragon, the great dragon in heaven. That's an evil dragon there in that case. Then, there is the Cherubims which have the face of a lion and ox and eagle and a man. There's a river of life. Maybe, it's got fish in it, all of you anglers, that flows out of the throne, and it says it's deep enough to swim in. So, there must be swimming in heaven.

What other animals do we find in heaven? Oh, yeah, yeah. In the Book of Isaiah and the Book of Revelation it speaks of in the new kingdom, it says a child puts his hand in a cockatrice den and it won't hurt him. And it said a child will lead a lion, and it said the lion and the lamb will lie down together, and the lion won't eat the lamb. PETA would enjoy that if any one of them could ever make it in. It will be a totally vegetarian society apparently. So, yeah, there's going to be lots of animals in heaven.

Now, whether or not you get united with your particular animal, I've got a couple dogs I know will never make it to heaven. And I've never known a cat that I believe would make it to heaven. They're all deceivers and liars that I've ever had. What about your pet chickens? I have no idea.

There's nothing in the Bible about your personal animal going to heaven; however, you know it's going to be a blessed state. Perhaps, God would just say: hey, you want that favorite dog, here he is and you can have him back again. I don't know. I don't think we'll be missing anything, whatever the situation is. I'm sure we're fully, fully satisfied, and everything will be copasetic for us.

Now, the other part of the question was about this split rapture thing. The Bible speaks in the Book of Revelation. You referred to the Old Testament passage about the Book of Remembrance. That has nothing to do with it. It's in the Old Testament concerning the Jews, but in a more appropriate scripture for the question you asked in the Book of Revelations. It talks about overcome’s to the seven churches there.

It says to him, "To overcome while I grant with me to sit on my father's throne for him who overcome I will grant to eat the hidden manna that's in the ark there under the throne, to him that overcomes give him a new name" and so forth, so forth. There's about six to him that overcomeths that he's going to do things for us.

And so, a doctrine has arisen because there's this understanding. And we all know that there's a great gap between what God expects of us and tells us to be as Christians and what most Christians are.

And so, the idea arose that most Christians are not good enough for heaven. The only fallacy in that is that none of us are good enough for heaven. The idea that most are not is false. None of us are. But, there's the concept that a few Christians are better than the rest of them. So, the rest of them are not going to get raptured. They're not going to get in the bride of Christ. They're going to be saved but not part of the bride of Christ, and God's going to take out the bride first and have the wedding.

And then, the rest of the Christians are going to go through the tribulation and great suffering, and there they are going to be sanctified. And then, he's going to come back and take them. That confusion results from failing to understand the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Get my book, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, called, "Eight Kingdoms, " and that will clarify a lot of those prophecies for you, a lot of those parables that you read in Matthew about the overcomers and so forth and about the children of the kingdom being cast out and what all.

But, there's only two classes of people in the day of judgment. There's those that have had their sins washed away by the blood of Christ, then born again, have the Holy Spirit, are saved, their names written in the Book of Life. They have a home in heaven, and they're part of God's family. That's one class.

The other class are good people or bad people. Religious or not religious, Christian or not, people who have not been born again, do not know the word of Jesus Christ personally. Their sins have not been washed away. They're natural. They're carnal. They're lost. They're unsaved, two classes of people.

And that day there will be a separation of the sheep from the goats, and there won't be any third group. There won't be any purgatory. There won't be anybody going through some kind of remedial class where some get raptured out and the others get left behind. The book of first Thessalonians there Chapter 4, Verse 12, I believe it is, speaks of when Christ comes back that we'll all be taken up together with him in the air to be with the Lord. So shall we be ever more with the Lord.

There is no second taking. There is no one left behind. Those that go through the tribulation, according to the Book of Revelation, are all unsaved, and the only ones that get saved during the tribulation are those who didn't hear before, according to the 2nd Thessalonians. He sends a strong delusion that they should believe a lie that they all might be damned, who believe not the truth but had pleasure and righteousness.

So, if you heard the gospel in this age and not been saved, you won't get a chance during the tribulation, and those who are saved during the tribulation will be those who never heard the gospel before the rapture of the church.

No, that's a man made doctrine. That's never taken very good root because it's not found in any foundation in scripture besides pulling some obscure passage, like you did out of the Old Testament about a Book of Remembrance. Sure, there's a Book of Remembrance, but in the New Testament there's also a Book of Life, Lambs Book of Life. Lambs Book of Life is where you want your name written down, and that guarantees you eternal life.

All right, Jared. I'm going to go back and pitch in some blades.

Announcer:  If you would like to ask a Bible question, email us at [email protected] or call at 931‑805‑4820.

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