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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl
Episode 053: Is Jesus still a man?

By Michael Pearl

Episode Transcription:

Michael Pearl:  Hi, I'm Mike Pearl and what I do for past times is throw tomahawks into pieces of wood and knives [grunts] . That's a upside down throw that we use if we're throwing at a rabbit. I killed a beaver one time with a tomahawk and knives. See the target down at the ground, [grunts] just like that. Keeps the handle from getting in the way. Alright, I think Jared has some more questions here. So Jared what's your question?

Jeremy:  Hey, my name is Jeremy. I live in Montana. Here's my question. Is Jesus still a man? Or did he lose his humanity sometime after the resurrection? Thank you very much. Bye‑bye.

Michael:  That's a great question and I've got a message on that in the book of Hebrews. In fact, I think I have an individual message on it called "The Man Christ Jesus". Don't we have that? I believe we do. You can order that at No Greater Joy. It may be a free download. I really don't know. "The Man Christ Jesus." Yes, Jesus is still the God man. When he was resurrected from the dead we found him appearing on the road to Emmaus with the disciples as a man, fully a man. In fact, they didn't recognize him. He had his hood on, as they do in those days. It was late in the day, the sun was going down. He walked along talking to them and explained to them in the scriptures all the things concerning himself. This is right after his resurrection.

These two disciples didn't recognize him till they got indoors and got in the light, and asked him to break the bread. He broke the bread and possibly they saw the nail prints in his hands, and their eyes were opened, the bible says, and they knew him.

Then later he appeared with them on the bank. Peter was fishing so Jesus is there and he's built a fire and caught some fish. I guess they volunteered. And he had cooked the fish and so he had the fish and bread ready for the disciples when they got out of their boat and he fed them. So he's fully a man.

It says there in the book of Hebrews that "it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren that he might become a merciful and a faithful high priest in things pertaining to God." So the man Christ Jesus is seated on the right hand of God. If he didn't remain a man then he couldn't conduct his ministry of reconciliation.

See the first Adam took the whole human race into sin. "The last Adam" the Bible calls Jesus, calls him the second man. Even after his resurrection he's the second man. The second man it says is the Lord of heaven. And so Jesus, what he did, he came and took the place of the first Adam and succeeded where the first Adam failed.

So, here's God, here's man and there's this chasm of sin between us. God penetrated the barrier and became a human being just like us, identical to us. In fact, he had flesh and blood. He was capable of bleeding, capable of dying. He got tired. He had to eat to sustain his natural body. He's a human being.

As a human being he succeeded where Adam failed. He won. He was the victor over sin. Mathew 4, Luke 4, Mark 4, he refused to sin when the devil tempted him and he overcame. So at the end of his life he was good enough to ascend into heaven and sit and God's right hand. But instead of doing that, as a man, he died. And as a man he was buried and went into the grave. As a man, he was resurrected. He's still God in spirit, God in soul, man in body. So as a man he was resurrected and as a man he ascended into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God.

So what we now have is a representative man in heaven. In other words, we have one of our own, a human being, who's gone into heaven and is seated on the right hand of God. So Jesus has the hand of the father with one hand and the hand of sinful man with the other. So Jesus brings the deity and human flesh together. And that's how we're born again, is through the man Christ Jesus interceding for us on the right hand of the father.

Read the book of Hebrews, the first couple chapters there, and you'll see that beautifully portrayed, Christ's manhood and his deity, and the place for his humanity in our salvation. So, yes, he's the man Christ Jesus who the Bible says "great is the mystery of Godliness." God was manifested in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, believed on the world, preached to the Gentiles, and received up into glory. So that man right now is in Glory.

And when he comes back, in the book of Revelation, he comes back as a man. He comes back on a white horse, riding a horse, and he sits on the thrown of this earth as a man. God and man mixed. It's a great mystery how God can be eternal, infinite and finite at the same time, how he can be everywhere and one place at the same time, how he can be all knowing and yet in human mind and human body, how he can be a intangible, infinite self and yet be a tangible, touchable, handable body is a... It's a mystery, the Bible calls it, and something we'll never understand maybe until we get to glory.

That's a good question. Get that tape "The Man Christ Jesus". I think it will be a real blessing to you. CD. CD or MP3. Whatever format it's in. Alright?

Announcer:  If you would like to ask a Bible question, email us at [email protected] or call at 931‑805‑4820.

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