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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl
Episode 061: How did Jesus deal with Homosexuals?

By Michael Pearl

Episode Transcription:

Michael Pearl:  Hi, I'm Michael Pearl and painting some illustrations to go in my wife's book, "Yell and Tell: Sara Sue Learns to Yell and Tell." I'm having to do about, I don't know, 15 or 20 of these. There's one I just finished. We photograph them, put them in the computer, and then touch them up a little bit and format it, put the text in it. We've got a bunch of helpers that do all that.

So, Jared's followed me in here to answer Bible questions for you today. I haven't heard any of these questions. You've called them in and Jared's recorded them. So, he's going to play them for me and then I'm going to try and give you an answer. I hope you don't have any tricky ones today Jared.

Sam:  Hi, my name is Sam and my husband's John. We're in Texas, in San Antonio. Our question is this. What help or instruction does God offer in his word for dealing with friends who are homosexuals? One of our dearest friends has chosen to live a lesbian lifestyle. When we read about Jesus associating with them and ministering to the sinners while on earth, it never mentions him associating with homosexuals. Is it sinful as a Christian for us to love her and associate with her when, in the Bible, the sins of sexual perversion are always followed by God's worse judgment?

Michael:  When the Bible speaks of fornication it includes all forms of sexual impurity and sin. So, homosexuality is included. The Bible does address homosexuality in Romans chapter one. He speaks of men with men working that which is unseemly. He speaks of women leaving the natural use of the woman and burning in their lust one toward another.

He speaks very clearly of homosexuality in Romans chapter one. He said that the people who do such things are worthy of death. Not only are those worthy of death who do it, he said, but so are those who have pleasure in them that do it.
In other words, someone who is not a homosexual but would find pleasure in voyeurism and viewing homosexual activity or in movies about homosexuals are in fact, vicariously indulging in the thoughts of homosexually. Would be equally worthy of death.

There's not three Hells. In other words, there's not hell number one, hell number two and hell number three. The Bible says all liars will have to depart in the Lake of Fire. Says adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God. Fornicators won't, homosexuals won't.

God sees all sin as the same. In other words, all sin separates from God and all of us have some kind of sin. Now, that's not to minimize homosexuality.

The Bible says there in Romans chapter one that those who commit those sins, he said men with men. He said they don't like to retain God in their knowledge. Wherefore God gives them over to a reprobate mind to work those things that are unclean.

There is a danger in certain sins, particularly homosexuality, of coming to a place of what he calls reprobatecy. That is, a state where the heart is hardened and it cannot be softened and cannot be brought to God again.

That's not to say that's the case with all homosexuals. It's just that homosexuality and group sex and bestiality and other forms of perversion and sexual immorality. That sort of thing will bring a person to the place to where God will give them up.

The first act doesn't result in God giving them up. But, at some point down the road, that's where it leads to.

How do you relate to someone who is a homosexual? Relate to them like you do any other sinner. In other words, you treat them with respect as a human being. You treat them with compassion but, you don't normalize their sin by accepting their lifestyle into the circle of your culture.

In order words, if you were to adopt a homosexual couple into a Bible study and greet them as if they were part of the family and not show every time you meet them your sadness for their state of affairs, then that would be wrong.

The same would be true of a couple living in adultery. If you have a couple that's not married and don't profess a common law marriage. In other words they're not making a profession of being a couple but they're simply living in fornication.

They want to be a part of your church fellowship groups, or part of your Thanksgiving dinner and you treat them as if they are a married couple. Then, you normalize that sin.

What you'll want to do, if a person is a dope head, a liar, a thief, an adulterer, homosexual, a murderer. When a person is living in open sin it's Christians just can't fellowship with them.

The Bible said be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. He said, "What fellowship hath light with darkness?" We cannot, it's not that we shouldn't, it's that we cannot fellowship with a person who's living in sin.

That doesn't mean that we take every moment that we have with them to condemn them or anything like that. But, there should be a certain amount of sadness when we see them expressing their sin.

A couple comes around together. We should say it really grieves me to see you guys like this. I know you're living in sin, you're living contrary to the laws of nature. You're living contrary to the laws of God.

It saddens me to know that if you die, you will be going to Hell. You won't be going to Heaven. I'd sure like to see you repent and come to God and have your life restored to normalcy.

I know that'll be offensive to them. It's offensive to righteousness for them to exist in that lifestyle. It's offensive to God for them to take nature, what God created, and turn it into something perverted. For me to act differently than how God would act.

Of course, Jesus died for them and we should be willing to go the extra mile to offer them a chance of forgiveness. I've seen that take place.

I remember one time in a Bible study I was teaching, there was a girl there was a lesbian. She was hardcore dyke. She was not some kind of bisexual doll. She was straight‑down‑the‑line lesbian. Walked like a man, talked like a man, and thought like a man, I guess.

She came into one of our Bible studies and sat there. I was teaching the word of God. About half way through I saw that hardened countenance change into hurt, into loneliness, and into a need.

As I began to explain Jesus' death and resurrection for her and His forgiveness and how that she could be made new. I wasn't speaking directly to her. I was speaking to the audience in general how you could be made new and transformed to have a peace and wholeness once again.

I saw that the message clicked with her. Before the message was over with, she believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and she was born again. She was saved.

God took away her desire for that immorality. Within a year, she was married to a guy. They've had children and she's lived a good straight life and people who know her today would never guess that she use to be a queer.

Now, I remember another time there was a group of queers living together. A groupy type thing, a couple of girls and a guy. I went and shared the gospel with them. Two of them, two of the three were saved.

They went on; one of them went on to become a missionary. One of them went on to serve in a ministry capacity for the rest of their life for many, many years. The other one stayed a lesbian. She didn't want Christ.

Preach the gospel, share Jesus, have compassion. Don't get uppity, hoity, bigoty. Don't get judgmental, but judge. The Bible says judge righteous judgement, judge as you'd want to be judged.

If I were caught up in pornography and homosexuality, I'd want somebody to come to me and say man, you're dooming yourself. I want somebody to come to me and say you're in trouble. I want somebody to come to me and say there's help and I'm willing to help.

That's what I want to do for anybody else. That's what you'll need to do for your friends that get off into this immorality.

Announcer:  If you would like to ask a Bible question, email us at [email protected] or call at 931‑805‑4820.

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One comment on “How did Jesus deal with Homosexuals?”

  1. Our church brought in a man who used to be a homosexual and went so far as to seek out a sex change operation to become a woman. he claims God intervened and redeemed him over thirty years ago. he is married, has a grown married daughter and a grandchild. He preaches to churches around the world about redemption, however while he says he has been redeemed and is no longer homosexual he has retained very strongly and overtly his previous effeminate mannerisms and flamboyance. He even made some jokes referencing his former lifestyle, at which my church laughed heartily. The final straw for me was when he made innuendo that Jesus washing Peter's feet and Peter responding by asking him to wash his whole body (which is not what Scripture even says, though he claimed it did) as if it was a pseudo-gay activity and then my whole church laughed. I got up and left in tears and sickened to my stomach. What can I do? the man's ministy is Sy Rogers. Look him up. I believe he is under a spirit of deception and is leading people down the wrong path. He likes to refer to sexual sin as "sexual misadventure." I am shocked and horrified and am leaving my church over it.

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