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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl
Episode 089: Why Do People Go to Hell?

By Michael Pearl

This Week’s Bible Question:

Why do people go to Hell if they don't know about Jesus?

(Transcript coming soon)

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3 comments on “Why Do People Go to Hell?”

  1. I am learning so much from your ministry because I feel that I have been taught incorrectly all my life. Pray for me that my husband and I can get past all the doubt and guilt and consistantly embrace grace.

    Does your ministry have a church or a home church that we could visit?

    Leah West

    1. No Greater Joy Ministries is a nonprofit independent ministry and is not affiliated with a church. Michael Pearl (as announced in the Sep/Oct NGJ Magazine) has retired as pastor of The Church of Cane Creek. The church is still meeting and is open to visitors. You can email [email protected] for directions if you would like to visit. The men of the church have taken the responsibility of preaching and teaching.

  2. My family has been learning about all the false seems no churches or pastors are safe nowadays. On youtube there is a pastor Spencer Smith who teaches all about the false teachers and the falling away of the church...he talks about Hillsong music the prosperity gospel...he has a video called third adam exposing all the false teachings etc. How can we even know were saved now? or that were going to the right church and not being led astray by a false teacher/preacher. How can I make sure my family's saved? It doesn't seem it's as easy as accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior, going to just any church and reading your bible???

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