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Good & Evil Animation - Clip 6

By No Greater Joy Ministries



Egyptian 1:  Come quickly, and bring that magic trick where you turn your rods into serpents.

Egyptian 2:  Our God of serpents Nasser has sent us to tell you to make more bricks. [laughter]

Aaron:  Moses, what do we do now? We look like fools!

Egyptian 2:  Look! His serpent wants to fight ours!

Egyptian 1:  This serpent is eating one of ours!

Egyptian 2:  It swallowed the serpent completely!

Egyptian 3:  Don't tell me it's going to try to eat another one. Our serpent God Nasser will be angry!

Egyptian 2:  I can't believe it! His serpent is eating every one of ours!

Egyptian 3:  How could this be?

Moses:  Jehovah is the God of creation. He says, "Let my people go."

Pharaoh:  I don't know how you did that, but I'm not going to pay for the show with a million slaves. Get out of my sight!

Narrator:  Exodus 7:13: “And He [God] hardened the Pharaoh's heart that he hearkened not unto them as the Lord had said.”

Aaron:  Why did Jehovah send us with a sign that Pharaoh's magicians could duplicate? For a while there, they made us look like fools!

Moses:  I don't know, but God did say that He was going to harden Pharaoh's heart. That's certainly what happened. Did you see how mad he got when my rod ate his pet snakes? I must find a place to talk to Jehovah. I don't know what to do next.

Narrator:  God met with Moses again and told him what to do. The Egyptians had ridiculed Moses. His own people rejected him because Pharaoh made their bondage crueler, but Moses believed God and obeyed even though he did not understand.

Moses:  Jehovah says, "Because you refused to let my people go, and so that you will know that I am the true God, all the waters of Egypt shall become blood." [splashing]

Egyptian:  Now that is impressive! How did he do that?

Pharaoh:  Go get my magicians! The God of the Nile will stop this! [splashing]

Pharoah: See? My magicians can do that too. I will not be persuaded your magic tricks.

Egyptian 4:  I have never in my life seen anything like it. Even the springs and little ponds have turned into blood. What did he say was the name of his god?

Egyptian 5:  Never heard them say. What difference does it make? We have thousands of gods. The God of the Nile must be angry.

Egyptian 4:  That fellow Moses says that his god is the only god.

Egyptian 5:  One god? That’s ridiculous!

Narrator:  Seven days after the waters were turned to blood, Moses again brought God's judgments on Egypt.

Moses:  Let the waters bring forth frogs in abundance! [music]

Narrator:  The stinking blood waters suddenly produced millions of frogs. [music]

Egyptian 5:  My house is full of frogs!

Egyptian 4:  All of Egypt is filled with frogs! The gods are angry!

Egyptian 6:  Where are our priests? Can't they do something?

[woman scream]

Magician:  Pharaoh, see? We magicians can make frogs too!

Egyptian 6:  Why are they making more frogs? Didn't that fellow Moses give us enough? The Pharaoh gives us more.

Egyptians 5:  Why don't you let them go into the wilderness as they asked? We can't stand much more of this.

Pharaoh:  Call Moses. Tell him I want to talk.

Servant:  Yes, master. As you say.

Pharaoh:  Ask Jehovah to take away the frogs. If he will do so, I will let your people go and do the sacrifice.

Moses:  You name the time you want the frogs to die and it will be so.

Pharaoh:  Tomorrow morning.

Moses:  According to your own words, so shall it be, and all may know there is no god like Jehovah God.

Narrator:  When Pharaoh saw that the frogs died at the time he appointed, he hardened his heart and refused to let the Hebrews go.

Egyptian 4:  What kind of god is this Jehovah that he fills our land with frogs?

Egyptian 5:  What makes you think God did it? Maybe it's just a natural phenomenon.

Egyptian 4:  Then how did Moses know it was going to happen so he could predict it? And how did he know the exact hour that they would all die?

Egyptian 5:  Oh, shut up and shovel or we will never get finished!


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