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Bible Questions with Michael Pearl
Episode 090: How do I get right with God?

By Michael Pearl

This Week’s Bible Question:

Is it possible for Christians to “backslide” and how could they get right with God?

(Transcript coming soon)

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12 comments on “How do I get right with God?”

  1. Thanks ngj for posting these Q @A .When a man has 1.Believing children 2. Been ministering in prisons for many years through thick and thin 3. Been studying and teaching scripture for many years. Then listen. I do. I’m blessed.

  2. This man and his wife are such a blessing. This particular issue is a common one, and the prodigal son is a great example to use.

  3. I was wondering is it okay to trim the dead ends off of your hair to keep it healthy looking. I don’t mean to want to cut my hair short by any means. Your response would be a real blessing. God Bless you

  4. I wanted to know what you have to say about seventh day adventists. My 20 yr old daughter is dating one and I have tried to research and have found that some say they are a cult. Is this true? And if so what should we her parents do?.

  5. I can’t seem to find where to ask my question. I am studying Revelation and I am stumped on the verse that talks about Jezebel…and seems to say that to “Know the depths of Satan” is not good and that this church did not embrace the evil doctrine nor did they know the depths…so, my question is… Should we avoid knowing the depths of evil that Satan is doing right now…there is a lot of horrible things out there…and I have christian friends who believe that these things fall under, “Exposing the deeds of darkness…” I feel that we should not delve into it, but, it is okay to be aware…just not make a point to dig into it or share it…pls help me understand our responsibility in this…and I have looked everywhere for some info on knowing the depths of Satan and whether that is sinful. Thank you for helping shed light on so many things…. Evelyn

  6. Hi Mike,
    Watch your videos all the time and I am beginning to read the Bible more often, a KJV of course. And my faith has been increased so that I’m more certain of my salvation.

    Saw your video titled “He had a dream that a man would come up from the river” today and you mentioned that another video would be released in the near future to explain what you taught to the man you met from St Louis.

    I’m not a good teacher, to my knowledge I’ve led no one to Christ except maybe my kids and wife, this was more by example than teaching from the Bible. Did you release another video about a miracle and share what you taught the hippy during a 15-20 minute teaching at the bridge? If so, what is the title?

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you for inquiring about the next video.
      Due to the number of questions coming in, that video was placed on the back burner so to speak. However, Michael does hope to come back to that one and finish off with the story of what he shared with the man.
      We apologize but at this time we do not have the name or date of if/when this video will be available. Keep on eye out for it on our YouTube channel:

  7. Absolutely beautifully put! The message is as simple now as it was when it was delivered on the shore of Galilee…repent, believe and be saved

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