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Marriage God's Way - Divine Assistance

By Michael Pearl


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Michael Pearl:  We talked of a little bit about Genesis last night. We are not going to repeat all that, but that also applied to what we are talking about tonight, that is the Word God said, "It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make him and help meet." So, this is the very first "not good" in the Bible, because it was not good that the man should be alone. Listen, some of you married men are alone. Some of you married men even though you go home at night and maybe get some of your physical needs met, basically you are living alone. Emotionally, you are alone. Spiritually, you are alone. Psychologically, you are alone. Even socially, you are alone. In the same house, you are alone.

Listen, it is not good for you to be alone. You need to seek to establish that relationship God intended where your wife becomes your help meet. The Bible tells us that Adam gave names to the cattle, to the fowl of the air, to every beast of the field, and there was not found a help meet. That means he looked.

In his nature, there was the need for a woman. Not just the physical sensations that come on a man when he turns 12 or 13 goes through puberty. But, there was the need there for personality in his life. There was this missing factor that his nature demanded, and he felt that need.

Before, he even had the concept of woman in his mind, before he knew there was such a thing as a woman, before he ever laid eyes on one or read about one or seen a picture of one, he realized he had a need, and didn't have any idea what the need was. But there was an empty spot there, telling us that the woman is an essential part of our natures. We need that lady in our lives.

And so, He said, God would make a help meet for him. Now let's look at this word "help meet." In Hebrew, it is the word "ezer." It is found 21 times in the King James Bible, and it is translated help meet two times, and help, 19 times. We talked about this last night. Now, we know that this help is help like God gives.

We talked to the ladies last night and pointed out to the ladies that they have something to give. They have divine help to minister to you as a man. But now I want to say to you as men. Your wife has something to give you that you can't get anywhere else. In fact, you won't get it from God.

In other words, this is divine help that God has deposited and entrusted with the female, and He has no other way of delivering it to you except through the female. And you have to have that female properly related to you in your life if you are going to receive that divine assistance that God meant for you to have ‑ a help meet.

Now this word "meet" is interesting. We talked about a little bit last night, but let's look at it again. In other words, she's suited, she is suitable, she is appropriate, she is fitted, she is able, she is sufficient to the task that God has created her to be. So, computer games are not going to satisfy, they are not the proper help meet.

Television and sports is not the proper help meet to make you the well‑rounded man. Your fishing buddies, your fishing partners, your golfing partners are not what you need to be the kind of man God meant you to be. I am not saying those things cannot be in your life. I am saying that primarily, first, and before those things, you must be properly related to your lady.

If you're going to be not only a good husband, a good father, but a man of God, and serve God properly.

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One comment on “Marriage God's Way - Divine Assistance”

  1. It was a joy to remember hearing Mike Pearl at our church ECC in Jackson years ago. May his tribe increase in all the good ways that God has used him for his kingdom and glory. What a joy it is to be married to the one God brought into my life over 48 years ago.

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