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Marriage God's Way - The Wonder of Cleaving

By Michael Pearl


[intro music]

Michael Pearl:  This word cleave, stay close together, stay joined together. Men, you need to cleave to your wife. Now, there are other ways you cleave to her, I just can't go anywhere without my wife. If I have to go somewhere, she stops what she's doing, she gets in the car and rides with me.

Some of our best times are riding alone. We get to talking, we started carrying a tape recorder and we discuss our ideas and record them so we can go back and write and put it down. Or we'll just talk about this or that, or look at the sunlight on the flowers or the trees or whatever there is to be doing.

Every once in a while we'll go out and buy us a little bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and some biscuits and gravy and we'll go out and have us a picnic somewhere. Sometimes we'll climb up deep in the woods and take a blanket, but the last time we did that the bugs were so bad we didn't stay very long. Back when I was younger I didn't mind the bugs. Now then I do mind the bugs.

We seek out ways of having fun and being with each other and doing things together and we just cleave to one another. Men, your wife needs that.

She needs that because that's why she got married. You may have gotten married for a little bit different reasons, but your wife got married because she wants a man, a person, an individual, a human being in her life. She wants romance.

She wants someone who cares, and she wants someone who's sensitive. I don't know why in the world God didn't make us more sensitive [laughs] . But she wants someone who's sensitive, who understands and who feels something.

We men, we hide our feelings. We try not to be sensitive. I do. I don't want to be weak and sensitive, do you?

I want to be tough and strong, I want to me macho, but the woman they need something more than that. They need something more than our distance. They need us to come close, and as it were, lay our heads in her lap, occasionally, in a spiritual way, in an emotional way. To be her little boy, at times, they need that.

[outro music]

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5 comments on “Marriage God's Way - The Wonder of Cleaving”

  1. Please, will you consider translating some time "Marriage God's Way" into Spanish?

    It would be SUCH A NEEDED blessing!!!

    I am pretty sure you would get some volunteers over here, we would be so glad to do it that we would not charge anything for it, just do it! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the fresh air in a very dark and smoky world. You all are very gutsy people, and smart too. Thanks for giving us hope that truth will prevail.

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