Mike, Debi, and their son Nathan hosted this video seminar live on March 6, 2012. In this “webinar” they cover marriage-related issues and topics of interest to husbands and wives, or for those looking to get married soon.

Many of the subjects they talk about in this video are familiar to those who have read their materials on marriage and relationships, such as Debi’s books Created To Be His Help Meet and Preparing To Be A Help Meet, and more recently Mike’s book Created To Need A Help Meet.

Please note that the promo code given during this video is no longer offered, but you can still purchase the books and videos mentioned at our web store.

Mike and Debi have plans to do more of these live video seminars, perhaps once every few months, as they have opportunity. If you have a particular topic or question you want them to cover, please send us a note through our contact form.


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