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Movers & Shakers - How Do I Win My Children's Heart to the Lord

By Michael Pearl


[intro music]

Michael Pearl:  Love what's lovely. That's profound, but that's an answer. People love what's lovely. Kids love what's lovely. We do what's pleasurable, you know? Basically. Basically what humanity is about is seeking your own end. That's why I got saved, I don't want to go to hell, you know? That's why I don't sin. I want to please God. I want to be righteous. That's my desire for myself. I want to please God.

I'm self‑motivated. Everybody is. Until you commit suicide, you don't do anything against yourself, you're trying to promote to keep yourself from hurting, to keep yourself from being sick, from being painful, from going to hell, being unhappy.

I mean, we're self‑seeking, right? Your kids are very, very self‑seeking. They have less ability to divert from those selfish interests than you and I do. If you're going to get them to listen to you, you're going to have to be lovely and your God is going to have to be lovely.

When you make God lovely through your own life, they're going to want that. Now, they might not at first. They may...the devil may get a hold of them and they go through a period...20, 21, 22, 23 years old, but if they can see a righteous, godly mother and daddy, an example in the church, one day, when sin breaks their back, they know where they can find forgiveness, where they can come back and be saved and forgiven and find acceptance.

So that's all you can do is be lovely, and make Jesus lovely.

[outro music]

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