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Movers & Shakers - How to Train Your Daughters to be Strong Women

By Michael Pearl


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Debi Pearl:  He spent a lot of time with the girls. It's amazing how much time he spent with the girls. I think a lot of their development into being strong women has to do with their relationship to their daddy. I think mommas make sons more sensitive to the female, but I think that the daddy's role is real important for the daughters. Basically, you do the same thing for daughters that you do for husbands. You introduce them to everything they are going to want to do, like cooking and cleaning, and enjoying life together.

One thing that I'd like every mother to know and that is this, never wash dishes alone, and never have your child wash dishes alone, never cook, never mix anything up. Always hand the spoon to your child and let them do the stirring. That's what develops a new cook. That's what develops a little girl into having confidence that, "Oh, we made that."

She just assumes that she is a part of your life. If you ever start cooking without them, it will become a habit, so just always have them there with you in the kitchen, and whenever you're cleaning. Never clean the house up alone. Now that my girls are gone, I have a terrible time trying to clean my house because I don't like it.

It's not fun. It's been 20 years of the sweetest fellowship that I... I call my daughter and say, "Come on over and clean the house with me." I just want somebody with me, and sometimes I get my grandchildren over there. "Come over and clean..."

Michael Pearl:  35 years, it's been 35 years.

Debi:  Oh, 35 years. It's been a while. By the way, we've been married 39 years, so it's old information. But, anyway have them do everything with you. That's how they'll develop to be the little women they need to be.

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9 comments on “Movers & Shakers - How to Train Your Daughters to be Strong Women”

  1. My little girl is only 18 mons. and she loves to "help" me put the dishes in/out of the dishwasher, we also clean up the house together. I have just started this and I didn't realize how it would be fun for her, she just glows when I tell her what a good job she is doing! Thanks for the advice!

  2. My 2 daughters are 9yr and 3yr old. Ever since I heard you once say never cook or clean alone, I have always had one of my 5 children with me at all times. The other day my 7yr old was folding his own laundry and he said he liked folding his laundry as he liked talking with me. My 9yr old girl and 3 yr old both love helping in the kitchen my 9yr old made spaghetti for the whole fam the other day with me just sitting in the kitchen supervising. She loved being able to serve the family. She even makes her daddy coffee in the morning and loves being able to pack his lunch. My 3yr old I have been doing what you do saying little ladies love cleaning up and love doing dishes, I now say that for everything little ladies don't like to whine little ladies love smilin and being sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Pearl our family life has radically changed and has born so much fruit as a result of your ministry of teaching and Debi of training the younger women. I wish I would have heard you 10 years ago when I first got married.

  3. My daughter and I just made 6 loaves of bread. I had to "restrain" MYSELF in MY impatience because MY desire for perfection keeps coming up. She tried her best and did a wonderful, wonderful job!! At the end of this project she asked, "Did I do a good job?". I hope that in all of this she isn't just seeking my approval. She is so smart.

  4. So glad for the truth of these video shorts! Thankful for my mom and dad, who used those teachable times throughout my years at home. Encouraged over again as I was viewing/hearing this...THANKS!!!

  5. I was not allowed to be in the kitchen as a growing child except to do dishes & mop the floor. Then when I was a teen my stepfather was a chef & so I simply was only a dish washer to a very sloppy chef. It has been a hard discipline & one I messed up on with my now grown & married girls. One daughter still in the home & I am working on letting her be in our extremely small kitchen with me. We usually took turns cooking & doing kitchen work. Just to encourage those who are not there yet. It is a true struggle because I was not wanted in the kitchen, I was always in the way, which meant ugly attitudes. So as I work to change my attitude, I see my daughter more willing to help with me in the kitchen. Prayer is a constant need for me not to get frustrated & learn to hold my tongue to criticize. Thank you for the encouragement to do better. I love the wisdom you share & thank you for caring enough to be the mentor I so need in my life.

  6. I am so appreciative of the responses from all of you moms and Pearls. I know that I am adequate in God's eyes, normal when I fail, and at peace to know that there are other mothers such as myself (gasp:>) Thank you to each of you, I really look forward to hearing others speak truthfully and with God in their hearts.

  7. These short clips are jam-packed with user friendly advice! My four daughters and two sons are almost all grown and gone but I am savoring every last minute with them. You have blown a fresh wind into my remaining time of parenting. Thank you. We still need encouragement in our 30+ year marriage and we have found it a joyful thing to stay true to each other and faithful to the Lord. The next generation surely needs godly grandparents- we pray He will keep us strong. Your example is a blessing.

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