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Dressing Appropriately

By Kirsten and Lizzy (NGJ Staff)

Episode Transcription:

Kirsten:  Hi, I'm Kirsten, and I'm here with Lizzy. And we're going to be talking about a safety tip list for single girls, or just girls traveling or living on their own. And Lizzy, here with me, does stuff in anti‑human trafficking. So I go to her whenever I have a question that's like, "This seems strange," or, "Should I not do this?" or, "Should I be aware of this?"

And so we've traveled a lot, and she's given me a lot of great tips when we're traveling, like, "Maybe you shouldn't wear that," or, "Not that it's bad, but grunge down." So she's going to be talking a little bit about some safety tips for single girls.

Lizzy:  So, I work with a group out of Nashville, End Slavery Tennessee, and learned a lot about human trafficking, and just different things, and things we should be aware of. There are 27, 000, 000 slaves in the world today, and so, that's a lot, you know? So that's something that we want to be aware of, and we want to make sure that we're not a victim.

So, recently, Kirsten and I, we're on a trip. We're coming back from Texas, and we stopped at a gas station. And it was late. Maybe, what, eight o'clock at night or something?

Kirsten:  Yeah, about eight.

Lizzy:  And we stopped to get gas. And it was hot, and we'd been traveling, and we're wearing sleeveless. And it wasn't immodest or anything. And we stopped at the gas station, and I put my jacket on before I got out, and it's like 102 degrees outside. And Kirsten's like...

Kirsten:  "What are you doing, Lizzy? It's really hot outside. You don't need to put a jacket on."

Lizzy:  [laughs] And I was like, "Well, we don't want to draw attention to ourselves. It's night." And for some reason, everything is more intense at night. You don't want to show skin; you don't want to draw attention to yourselves. We're girls traveling alone. There was a guy a few pumps away. And I got out and I did a 90‑degree angle. I looked around and I let him know that I saw him. I wasn't interested in him.

But I let him know that I saw him and I knew he was there. I assessed the situation to make sure that we weren't in danger. And I pumped my gas, and we got back in the car, and we did fine. But it's just good something to be aware of.
Kirsten:  I know you that said after that, I was like, "So what else..." I travel overseas a lot, and I always grunge down when I travel, which I'm like, I always thought you need to be put together when you travel.
Lizzy:  [laughs] Yeah.

Kirsten:  But it made sense when you started saying, "If you're grunged down, people aren't going to take notice of you. Wear really loose clothes and just sweatpants or something. Something that just makes you look not your best."

Lizzy:  Yeah.

Kirsten:  And to me, it was just like, well, I'd want to look my best when I'm traveling. People are getting a one‑side impression of me.

Lizzy:  [laughs]

Kirsten:  But it made a lot of sense when you were saying it.

Lizzy:  Yeah.

Kirsten:  It was just something that I had never thought about.

Lizzy:  Yeah, yeah.

Kirsten:  And remember when we stopped, on that same trip, we stopped at a rest area. And we had to use a restroom. And so we stopped. I go really fast. I'm like, "Well, I want to stretch and everything," and you're like, "No." You start giving me statistics on human trafficking that I had no idea. Can you talk about that a little bit more, rest areas?

Lizzy:  Yeah, rest areas are big places for people moving girls back and forth. There are major highways, interstates. You could put a pin on a map, and there would just be pins all over the place where girls are trafficked every single day. Every minute, two kids are trafficked. So, that's a lot. And so, when you stop at a rest area, you don't want to be taking it easy. There are truckers all over the place. Truckers are big traffickers; they move girls all around.

They service, they're considered johns, which would be a man using a girl in trafficking, prostitution. So, yeah, you just get in, get out. It's a good thing to be aware of.

Kirsten:  Well, thank you very much. This has been very... I know it helped me a lot, and I hope it helps other girls out.

Lizzy:  Yeah. Definitely. Thank you.

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  1. This is a great video! Lots of wonderful information. I just finished reading "Preparing to be a Helpmeet", and I loved it! Maybe that would explain why I finished it in three days! Thank you so much!

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