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Teaching Responsibility - Raising Girls

By Michael Pearl


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Michael Pearl: count. You’re important. My wife sees every child that comes into our house, every girl, as a mother and wife apprentice. She’ll get them involved and talk to them. She builds them up in regard to the men in their lives. She says, “We are going to fix this for Big Papa. Big Papa’s coming home.” Or, “Your daddy’s going to get home from work today and we’re going to have some cookies fixed for your daddy, because your daddy likes cookies. So let’s cook some cookies for your daddy.”

Not only is she baking cookies and teaching them to bake, she’s instilling an attitude towards men, towards the authorities in their life. A two-year-old, my wife sees that two-year-old as a wife. She sees that two-year-old as a mother to raise children.

Right there she starts putting those vital principles and concepts into that two-year-old, again and again, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, when you rise up, when you lie down, the Bible says. You teach these children when they’re drawn from the breast and weaned from the milk. The very smallest children are taught these principles.

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6 comments on “Teaching Responsibility - Raising Girls”

  1. Lovely, just lovely. Your wife is a wise woman. I don't care how the liberal talking heads slant your teaching, it's Biblically sound and truthful. Your fruit speaks volumes. I wish you guys could come visit us waaaay up here in Northern Maine!

  2. Shouldn't the focus be upon pleasing our God and Maker and doing everything for His glory? Training girls to serve their earthly fathers is part of that of coarse but God is the goal, not the man. I agree in practicality, that's great, please just try to keep perspective, not all girls will get married and serving their earthy father in hopes of God giving them a husband someday cannot be their only focus in life. Girls can be taught to cook and bake and be cheerful and efficient in house work just because it is pleasing to God, He does notice and His approval is worth far more than just trying to make a man happy - this is a side benefit and an outpouring of God's favor on our efforts but to set their sights lower than God's glory will set them up for disappointment.

  3. Proof is in the pudding I say. Interview some husbands who have married girls who were trained this way vs girls who were taught "you get your own dinner, what am I your slave, I work too ya know". Hmmm I wonder which husbands are the happiest?

  4. Our primary focus is on pleasing God, but for a 2 year old, that is such an abstract concept. Teach her to want to please her earthly father and see the pleasure and warmth that doing things for others brings to the family. Then she can more easily understand why we need to obey and please our heavenly father. Even if she never marries, it's a great lesson.

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