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The Fruit of Child Training - Webinar

By Michael Pearl

Nathan, Shalom and Shoshanna join their parents to discuss what it was like growing up in the Pearl home and how they are benefiting as adults from the fruit of their training. Enjoy as they share some of the most memorable and impressionable moments from their childhood and how they caught much of what they learned from their parents. You (and Mike and Debi) may be surprised! See what is happening now with their own lives, families and careers. β€œFor every tree is known by his own fruit” (Luke 6:44). See the fruit of training children in the way they should go and judge for yourself.

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12 comments on “The Fruit of Child Training - Webinar”

  1. I have to publicly thank you for all the wonderful work you have done in my life. As a child I grew in a hateful home without God. My parents did not train us, did not care for us. My five siblings and I were left to our own devices, and because my parents did not employ a training system like one laid out so sweetly in To Train Up A Child, my siblings and I have suffered greatly in the mistakes we have made and in the molestation perpetrated on us when there was no parent to protect us. To Train Up A Child has taught me to be an involved, loving, responsible, honorable parent to my children. My husband and I have three of the most well behaved children under the age of five. When my husband is deployed, my children are still pretty much little angels, and my best little buds. It is very clear that the book teaches parents many calming and loving techniques before spankings are ever needed. Your book has taught me to gently work with my boys in fun and happiness. Our five year old was teaching me today how to change oil in our van! Our three year old son helps to mop, fold laundry, clean bathrooms, and knows all the educational material that a kindergartener is expected to know. Our lives are so much happier when we stick to the principles of child training. Training is teaching; teaching children that we love them, what is safe for them, to have fun, and to love life. As a child there was a great amount of hate, anger, and sometimes violence in my life. My siblings and I all agree we wished we had been trained! Thank you so much for training me! You are like the parents to many people who never had ones that cared.

  2. Dear Brother and Mrs. Pearl,

    I wanted to write to let you know that I appreciate that you took the time to share in the webinar.

    We love you and support you and are so thankful for your ministry/books.

    We actually sort of stumbled upon the "controversy" you are speaking of. We do not have television in our home but happened to be out to a restaurant where they had a TV on and I happened to look up and said, "Oh, that looks like Debi Pearl" and realized it was -- I was so excited that we moved closer to see the closed captioning better, as the sound was not on. As we read and watched, we were so horried and infuriated and it was, to us, so obvious that it was nothing more than the godless, liberal media equivalent to a "witch-hunt". I am saddened that you found little support among our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I just wanted to tell you that there probably are alot of us that do support you all, but we all do not have television so we had no idea that was all going on. As I mentioned, we would have never known about any of it if we had not had our plans change and ended-up in the restaurant with the TV at the exact time the story was on. Honestly, normally, we do not even glance at the TVs when in places that have them that we visit and I just happened to glance up and recognize Debi's sweet face, at the right time.

    Doubly discouraging was the story that came just after yours, it struck fear in our hearts as this woman they dug up described the abuse she endured at the hands of her preacher-father from an Independant Fundamental Baptist background, of which we are as well. They made us sound like crazy cult members. Giving us the abbreviation IFB, it seems the media is very much on the war-path against those of us that are serious about our faith.

    Anyway, my goal in writing was to offer encouragement -- it was very obvious to anyone with a brain that they were pushing an agenda to stir up strife and anger against you, but really against us all as a community of believers/followers of Christ.

    I will close with this -- remember John 15:18 and 1 John 3:13.

    You all really are in our prayers. Thank you for being fearless in the face of adversity and standing strong in the faith. We are grateful recipients of your God-given wisdom -- thank you for sharing.

    Best of blessings,
    Tracy Pyland

  3. I first came to hear of your family through a bible study on "Created to be His help-Meet". This completely changed my marriage! I even grew up a pastor's daughter and had not learned how to love, serve, or respect my husband. So first let me say thank you for that!!
    Second, now that my children are getting older (3 & 5), my husband and I have been having difficulties with the children, and not really having good biblical guidelines to follow or glean from our childhoods. So I recently bought your book on child training, and have dove right in. Boy have I seen a difference!! Especially with my 3yr. old boy, I have seen a huge difference in just a matter of days! At 3, he is now listening more when asked the first time, and is more happy and giggly because I'm not raising my voice and exploding with anger or anything.
    Just wanted to say thank you for providing my family with great tools that help us learn more in the Bible that we didn't know was even there πŸ™‚ God Bless!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting your light shine in such a way that we are able to see what a Heavenly family looks like in its actual dynamics! This is so encouraging.

    By the way, Anderson Cooper recently disclosed: "The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud."

  5. I passed this along on Facebook. I'm old enough to remember Phil Donahue doing the same thing to people. He wouldn't let anyone reveal the truth about a situation either. People like this, let you reveal the "truth" that they want to convey. It is far from the truth. Love you guys!

  6. Thank you for the response and sharing your family life. What a breath of fresh air. Watching the controversy I felt disturbed by the way you were portrayed and felt shy in sharing your material. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to do this! Also, your sharing really helped me to see where I've been wrong and where I've been strong in training my children.

  7. I just listened to this entire video while making cookies, while my son napped. Thank you. I received your To Train Up a Child as a gift from a mother of 5...we respected their home so much as Sunday School Teachers to their daughters...

    This Video just solidifies the JOY that God gives when children are brought up right...I have made many many poor choices as an adult, but this video just gave me such hope for my family.

    Thank you for your ministry

  8. WOO HOO Nathan when you get to preaching watch out!!! I am so glad you all did this Webinar. It not only cleared up misunderstandings about what you stand for but it also gave a glimpse into your family. I love your books and teachings. Created to be a Help Meet SAVED my marriage and To Train up a child SAVED my sanity. hehehehe So thank you for all you do and for always pointing us back to the most important tool The Bible. Praying God's blessings on all of you πŸ™‚

  9. I owe everything to the Pearls for training me and my husband on how to be parents. We lap up the wisdom from this site regularly and watch it work- so simple, loving, and producing a joyful home. We live in London UK and spreading the word among our friends, so if America isn't appreciating how lucky they are to have you- we'll take you!

  10. You guys are such a lovely family. I watched the entire video. I read the book. I admire what you created in your home. Here are some of my thoughts...

    Not everyone can pick up their families and move to the rural south. If the child training philosophy depends on environment, then it's limited. My parents are from Hong Kong, so there is no way I can do what you've done or be like any of you. How many people eat with chopsticks in the rural south or know the difference between short grain and long grain rice? If the philosophy is limited culturally, then it's not purely spiritual or purely Biblical (although the Bible IS a cultural book - predominantly Jewish culture). So I'm not sure how to apply culture into it... Christianity is never culture-less or generic, so I guess a person with my profile is probably not your targeted audience. That's OK - most Christian authors/ministers don't target folks like me, not even Asian authors/ministers, because it's too limiting.

    Also, my husband has zero handyman skills, but he has a Masters degree in computer science. (He's also a mix of German/Italian/English-Irish-Dutch.) I was raised in New York City. The two of us would be lost on a farm in the south. I entertain the notion sometimes, but only only romantically for escapism and because I think my children would love being outdoors more. My husband would much rather me be a career woman than the stay-at-home, homeschooling mom that I am currently. His father is nothing like Michael Pearl; he worked for NBC - yep, the media. So while Michael Pearl advises young men to stay away from "career women," Debi Pearl advises women to honor and submit to their husbands. Should I go with Debi's advice, shuffle my kids in and out of childcare services/sitters and go back to my old career in the name of submission? Does a wife/mother/woman disobey the Lord by putting her relationship with her children first before her husband? I envy you and other self-made parents who have started a legacy/a family business for their children to take over. Opportunities are abundant in this country, but not for everyone. Having someone pave the way for you helps a lot.

    Kids vs. Things - what do you do if kids are always breaking stuff? Of course children are more important than things, but some things are investments into a quality life for THEM. We don't have a TV for them to break, but there are plenty of other things, such as furniture, dishes, computer, piano, etc. Not all of us have a separate play area or a piece of land or a background in Bible training so we can start a ministry from scratch/home. I live in an apt. and what little I have in it are an important part of our lives. We don't have unlimited funds to replace everything that our children break whether by accident or intentionally.

    Having "backbone" is not from any child training method, it comes from GOD. Reason why a gentle/sensitive woman doesn't cave into an oppressive man is because God gave her strength and the fact that she knew her parents loved her when she was a child, so she learned to love/value herself as a human. But there are many ways to love a child and many ways to let a child know that you love her. The Bible also teaches us not to put any man before Him, so right there tells you that no matter what your personality is or what kind of childhood training you've had, you ought not to cave in or allow anyone's will to overpower yours.

    I saw the almost-Freudian slip - "Shoshanna likes to be the center of... the room." Don't you mean center of attention? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just making an observation. And I've watched Shoshanna's YouTube videos on herbalism. She's cool, definitely a fun/life-of-the-party type of gal. It's clear that being the youngest, she had it a little easier than the older kids and have only seen the gravy train, but what's nice to hear too is that she did a lot of the heavy duty ("man's") work around the house despite the fact that she was the littlest. It's also nice that I DID NOT hear anything about kids fighting over who has more work than the other - "it's not fair" cries seem to have been completely absent. Wow. I guess that's why she gets to take over the herb store business and be a "career woman" Daddy advises other men not to marry.

    It's nice to see Nathan reform from being a "liar." It gives me hope for my son.

    OK, I think I've said enough. I hope y'all are not offended - I tend to be blunt. Will continue to poke around the site and stalk the Pearl family on the internet. Thank you for sharing all your family wisdom - it's so obvious to me that you give from your hearts. Thank you for taking the time to make this video and I'm sorry that the media blamed you for someone else's sins. Don't let the bullies get you down!

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