2014 North Carolina Smoky Mountains Shindig

2014 North Carolina
Smoky Mountains Shindig!

Reserve, then Register!
Call 1-800-588-7222 now for more information and to make your reservations with the Ridgecrest Conference Center. Then register online with NGJ (or call 866-292-9936)

No Greater Joy’s 2014 Shindig will be held at Ridgecrest, located near the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, September 10-14. It will be our largest gathering ever, with 2,500 in attendance. Sign up today. Don’t wait and be too late! The rooms last year all sold out early. First come, first serve. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Ridgecrest is a beautiful campus with wonderful accommodations. For those of you who will be camping, expect us to join you in the evening around your campfires to hear you tell tales and sing songs.

The food is several steps up from our previous Shindigs. Because we know how expensive it can be for big families to eat out, we pulled some strings to make things easier. You can choose how many meals you want to eat in the cafeteria and how many in your rooms.

This year our music will be led by a group of men who are learning Scripture songs. We also hope to have several small choirs with a variety of regional sounds.

Remind us to have all our Shindig couples stand up and be counted this coming year. We expect there will be about 100, which means a pile of new young’uns coming on. Makes our ol’ hearts smile.

See you there!
Michael & Debi Pearl

Registration Info

We are expecting record attendance this year! Over 1,800 registrants and counting! Accommodations are going fast—less than 1,400 beds still available (as of April 1st).

1. Registration with Ridgecrest

You must make your reservation with the Ridgecrest Conference Center before registering with NGJ!

Call Ridgecrest toll-free at 1-800-588-7222 for lodging and meal plan pricing, and to make your reservations. Make your reservation with Ridgecrest now, then register with NGJ.

2. No Greater Joy Registration Fee

Register with NGJ at http://ngj.me/shindig-register or call us toll-free 1-866-292-9936 – but only after you have made lodging and meal arrangements with Ridgecrest!

Register Now!
Register Now!

Registration pricing is as follows:

March 1–August 31, 2014: $119 per Family* / $45 per Individual**
September 1–10, 2014 (“at the door”): $149 per Family* / $59 per Individual**

* Family pricing includes parents, and children 20 years old and younger as of September 10, 2014. Children over 21 years old as of September 10, 2014 must register separately as Individuals.

** Individuals (includes children attending with their families) 21 years old and older as of September 10, 2014.

Shindig Details

Due to demand we have extended this year’s Shindig by adding an extra day!


View the tentative schedule. Subject to change. We will have more complete details soon.

Sports and Activities

Get the latest info at the Sports and Activities page.
Get more info on the Ping Pong tournament.


See the Music page.

Accomodations / Lodging and Meals

Ridgecrest Conference Center

Ridgecrest Lodging Options

Ridgecrest - LodgingPrices listed are a per room, per night rate.

Mountain Laurel ($79) – 2 Queen beds
Rhododendron ($69) – 2 Queen beds
Maple ($59) – 2 Queen beds
Pritchell ($59) – 1 Twin bed, 1 Double bed
Walnut ($75) – 1 Queen bed, 2 sets of bunk beds
Royal Gorge ($75) – 1 Queen bed, 3 sets of bunk beds
Woodland ($75) – 3 sets of bunk beds

Boys’ Cabins ($50) – 12 bunks, separate bathhouse
Girls’ Cabins ($50) – 12 bunks, separate bathhouse
Family Cabins ($75 per cabin) – 12 beds, private bathroom

RV site ($30)
Tent Site ($20)

Notes about Cabin Rentals: If you’re renting a cabin at Ridgecrest, please be aware that there are no locks or keys. You’ll need to provide your own linens & towels. Since the cabins are located at Ridgecrest’s summer camps, so you will need to provide your own transportation from the camps over to the conference center.

Ridgecrest Meal Plans

Ridgecrest - Meals3 meal option:
Adults: $99 per person for Wednesday Dinner – Sunday Breakfast
Child 6-11: $49 per person for Wednesday Dinner – Sunday Breakfast
Child under 6: Free

2 meal option: Lunch and Dinner only
Adults: $75 per person for Wednesday Dinner – Saturday Dinner
Child 6-11: $35 per person for Wednesday Dinner – Saturday Dinner
Child under 6: Free

1 meal option:
Lunch – Thursday lunch, Friday lunch, Saturday lunch
Adults: $33 per person
Child 6-11: $18 per person
Dinner – Wednesday dinner, Thursday dinner, Friday dinner, Saturday dinner
Adults: $50 per person
Child 6-11: $26

See the Ridgecrest Conference Center website or call 800-588-7222 for more details.


Right in the middle of the Shindig (Sept. 11–13) we’re going to have a NGJ Homeschool & Homesteading Fair!

This year we have invited about 40 exhibitors to come and showcase their products and skills to you, with a focus on interactive demonstrations and hands-on learning. Return with us to the everlasting values exemplified in hand craftsmanship and homesteading. You’ll have access to hands-on activities and skills learning such as canning, soap making, quilting, handmade clothing and jewelry, herb tinctures, organic gardening, raising animals, calligraphy, woodworking, creative art, and more! Introduce your children to the joy and fulfillment of making things the old-fashioned way!

Visit the Exhibitors page for full details and to download an application.
Check out the list of exhibitors to see what vendors will be there.


Stay tuned for further details.

“The mountains shall bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness.” —Psalm 72:3