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2021 Year End Report

Dear Fellow Laborers, About 10 years ago I wrote a novel called The Vision. At the time of writing I did not see it as a word of knowledge, as a prophecy; it was just the lifelong (...)

NGJ Underground Mail

If you read our March-April 2021 magazine and wanted to sign up for the NGJ Underground, click the link below. Or contact our office and we will put you on our list to get a nice (...)

Writing Contest WINNERS – Part 2

Here is the second set of winners for the writing contest! Thank you to all who participated! The Lion Within By Natalie J., age 14 In a land of rolling green hills and (...)

It is Your Life!

Story One A while back, my youngest daughter was in an exclusive restaurant with a large group of business associates when she became aware of an unnatural stillness, broken only (...)

Landon is Learning to Create a Beautiful B...

My kids are famous for being screamers. I mean the LOUD, embarrassing, over-the-top, uncontrollable shrieks. They were quick to anger and always shut down when we tried to train (...)

Writing Contest WINNERS!

Here are the winners of our July writing contest! Due to limited space, we were unable to print two entries completely, they are available here. Thank you to everyone who (...)

Art Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our art contest, announced in the January/February issue of the magazine. We received over 500 entries! Below are some of the winners (...)

Good and Evil Color Conversion

We have started the process of coloring ALL the Good and Evil books. It is a big project, and we are thankful God has provided us with faithful laborers.

Mel and Pat Are Moving

From Mel: Pat and I leave for Texas on April 21st. We are leaving the NGJ offices, but not leaving NGJ. All of my NGJ responsibilities will be handled from TX. My email address (...)

Florida Shindig

Mike and Debi just returned from the sunshine and fellowship of the Florida Shindig! Thank you to the Oxendine family for doing such an excellent job in hosting this event! (Debi (...)

December Calendar Page

To the Third Heaven and Back The apostle John was “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (John 21:20). Late in the first century, after all the other apostles had died, John was cast int (...)

November Calendar Page

Name Changed to Purge the Guilty Do you know anyone who changed their name? The Bible records God changing the names of several people, including a man who was named Saul. Saul (...)

October Calendar Page

“I See Jesus” Did you know that it is possible to look up and see Jesus standing by God in heaven? Stephen did. The early church needed Holy Spirit–filled business men (...)

September Calendar

Can You Cry, Outrun God, or Maybe, Just Whine to Get Your Way? Not a Chance! Some people say it was a whale and others say it was a big fish. If they read their Bible, they (...)

August Calendar Page

From a King to a Cow The book of Daniel is a prophetic book full of dreams, interpretations, and visions. There is the fiery furnace, the miracle in the lions’ den, the giant s (...)

July Calendar Page

UFO No Longer Unidentified In Ezekiel chapters 1–2, 10–11, we learn that when Ezekiel was a slave in Chaldea (modern day Iraq), God gave him a vision that was strange indeed. He sa (...)

June Calendar Page

Parallel Worlds Elisha, having received a double portion of Elijah’s spirit, was able to see the other world that exists parallel with our own. The king of Syria warred against I (...)

May Calendar Page

One Amazing Ride The Bible declares, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27). But the prophet Elijah missed his appointment with d (...)

April Calendar Page

Can Animals Talk? What Does the Bible Say? There was a prophet who cared more about money than the truth, so God used a talking donkey to save his life. This is how it happened to (...)

March Calendar Page

How God Used a Beauty Contest For Good God is the one who designed marriage to be between one man and one woman, so he made the rules of marriage, declaring that a wife is to (...)

February Calendar Page

God and Satan Make a Deal “There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil” (Job 1:1) Job ha (...)

January Calendar Page

Abraham’s son Isaac had two sons, Jacob and Esau. Esau was first in line to inherit the birthright that would place him in the lineage of Jesus Christ, but he despised it, caring n (...)

No Greater Joy Ministry is Growing Fast

No Greater Joy Ministry is growing fast. Millions all over the world are reading and understanding the gospel. There is much to be done and we are in need of an IT/graphic miracle (...)

Debi’s Right-Hand “Man” ...

From Debi: Megan is my right-hand “man” here in the office. We had a rough August while she was gone, but her trip had eternal benefits. From Megan: Standing in the street of a squ (...)

Debi's Favorite Song

From Debi: One of my very favorite songs was written by my own daughter, and it’s called Justice Met Grace. Many trios, bands and groups have performed this song, and some of them (...)

Have You Ever Wished You Could Teach the B...

Have you wanted to present the Gospel, but been frustrated in your attempts to find opportunities? This course takes readers on a chronological journey through the book of (...)

Inmates Waiting to Hear the Gospel

There are 2.2 million inmates in America waiting to hear the Gospel. Are they waiting for you? Now you and your family, church, youth group, or ministry can get involved in (...)

To Be or Not to Be?

1 John 5:7 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” 1 John 5:7 is the most forceful passage in the ent (...)

Mike and Debi will be Special Guests at (n...

Mike and Debi will be special guests at a special “mini-shindig” being organized in East Texas! This (non-NGJ) “mini-shindig” seeks to fulfill the need for Christian homeschool fam (...)

Confidence When Facing Temptation

They never used the term, but looking back I was being taught a form of “sin management” and was never given hope that I could be free from this sin.

Study Guide for The Bible on Divorce and R...

The Lord's Mercies Never Fail

First Pearl grandchild published!

<![CDATA[Ashley (shown with Mike in the picture) is the first Pearl grandchild to be published! Ashley, 10 years old, and Debi wrote this together, and it was published in (...)

Tagalog Good and Evil

<![CDATA[We're reprinting Good and Evil in the Tagalog language! Rick Batson distributes these over in the Philippines to Muslim school students (

The Great White Throne Judgment and the Ju...

Happy New Year!

May the Lord bless you in this new year! "For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile: Let him (...)

Exciting News – A Shindig Love Story

Shindig love story, excerpted from Kelsey’s blog.

Buy Created, Get Living Virtuously

2 book special! Buy Created to Be His Help Meet 10th Anniversary Edition and get Living Virtuously free! Offer good until December 31, 2014

Totally Unusual Deal!

Check it out! PREPARING TO BE A HELP MEET is now on sale! Get over 50% off (regularly $19.95 now on sale for $9.95). Offer expires October 31st, 2014. Get it now!

Last Chance!

The Early Registration pricing for the Smoky Mountains Shindig ends this Sunday August 31, 2014!

Good & Evil Will Be Available to Most ...

We are currently developing a website and HTML5 application that will greatly speed up the process of translating the Good and Evil Graphic Novel into almost every language (...)

2005 Fleetwood Toy Hauler For Sale!

Justin and Shalom used the trailer for their travels to homeschool conferences, “my family and I have loved having this camper we just don't currently need it so it is a (...)

A New Truck For Rick!

Rick Batson, missionary to the Philippines, needs a new(er) truck. His 1992 Mitsubishi Delica diesel has served him well for 5 years, but the terrain and tropical environment (...)

Help us help Rick!

Rick Batson, missionary to the Philippines, needs a new(er) truck. His 1992 Mitsubishi Delica diesel has served him well for 5 years, but the terrain and tropical environment (...)

2014 Shindig Ping Pong

Sign up to play in the first annual Shindig Ping Pong Tournament! Limited spots available, sign up now!

2014 Smoky Mountains Shindig

Lodging options are going fast. Register with Ridgecrest and reserve your lodging now by calling toll free 1-800-588-7222.

Mealtimes at the Smoky Mountains Shindig

Mealtimes at the Shindig are great opportunities for fellowship and meeting new friends. Ridgecrest is offering three meal plan options. Choose the one that works best for (...)

The BIG Book of Homeschooling – Now ...

The big homeschooling book from Debi Pearl is now available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle!

Congratulations March-April Contest Winner...

Congratulations to our March-April Bible Quiz contest winners: Johanna Henderson (OH), Peter Osborn (TN), Chloe and Lynn Snyder (TN), Martha Nolt (KY), Joshua Newman (TN) (...)


Amazon has a program to help charities like us. If you make purchases on Amazon and want to bless NGJ, use the special link

Debi’s Newest Book!

The BIG Book of Homeschooling is now available! Buy it now and rediscover (...)

Shindig 2014

Don't forget to register for the upcoming Smoky Mountains Shindig, being held September 10-14, 2014 in North Carolina. Until February 28, registration is only $99 per family (...)

NGJ Shindig 2014 – North Carolina Sm...

No Greater Joy’s 2014 Shindig will be held at Ridgecrest, located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, September 10-14. Sign up today. Don’t wait and be too lat (...)

iMissionaries Testimonial: Miles

My name is Miles and I am 14 years old. My parents helped me run a Facebook ad to reach North and South Korea with the gospel of Jesus. You can do this, too!

iMissionaries Testimonial: Husband and Wif...

We chose to evangelize the Ukraine and posted an ad on Facebook for the Good and Evil book in their language. It is exhilarating to be able to connect someone in need of (...)

iMissionaries Testimonial: Bobbie Sue

I am so excited about iMissionaries! I worked in an orphanage years ago with Russian children and still have a heart to reach the Russian people.

iMissionaries Testimonial: Stay-at-Home Mo...

As a stay-at-home mother with three children ages 4 and under, I am thrilled to have a way to reach souls that is within my grasp. It is an awesome feeling to be a (...)

iMissionaries Testimonial: Erick

My name is Erick. I am 23 years old and I work full time doing construction. I am participating in the iMissionaries project because I want to help reach more of the world (...)

Safe Eyes

Looking for a way to keep your family safe from the evil that abounds on the Internet? We recommend Safe Eyes. It allows you to monitor what your family members view.

Needing a Helping Hand

Because of the extreme benevolence of friends that are concerned for Debi's health, she is finally going to get the surgery that is needed to fix her neck! The needed (...)

Recording in Progress for Foreign Language...

Along with all the translations that are currently underway, we are also busy putting other languages into Audio and Video. Here one of our teams is currently working on the (...)

Shindig Sessions Available FREE (Online On...

Over 2,000 people attended the Great Ozark Mountain Shindig and were blessed by the fellowship and many teaching presentations. Now you can watch and listen to many of the (...)

Shindig Audio Will Be Available Soon

Coming soon: Audio downloads from the Great Ozark Mountain Shindig! If you were there you can listen to them again. If you could not attend, you can be blessed by the (...)

Shindig Report

The Great Ozark Mountain Shindig is now over! Thank you to all those that attended (all 2,000+ of you) and helped to make it such a success. Coming soon: photos from the (...)

Extra Shindig Activities!

Windermere has decided to open The EDGE on Saturday from 12-5 and at special rates. Full details

Shindig Sold Out! (Registration Now Closed...

Registration is now closed and we've sold out the available space for the 2013 Shindig! We expect over 1,900 people to attend this year's event. We're looking forward to (...)

Shindig Registration Now Closed

Registration for the 2013 Shindig is now closed. We're looking forward to having a great time with you all in Missouri next week!

Shindig Registration Closes September 2, 2...

Register NOW! The deadline to register for the Great Ozark Mountain Shindig is Monday September 2, 2013.

Debi Pearl and Jackie Kenaston in Californ...

Debi and Jackie will be speaking at the Calvary Chapel Natomas in Sacramento, CA on Sunday & Monday August 25 & 26 at 7 pm.

Kids’ Corn Contest Time!

Kids: Send us your best corn recipe and a picture with you holding it. We will judge the recipe and the picture!

From a Pastor in the Philippines

I wanna say thank you again for giving us the Good and Evil Bible comic book! I have been using it as a gift to give to kids in my new Bible studies.

Mobile Safe Families – Now Available...

We have completed our final testing of the NGJ Mobile Safe Families product and are happy to announce the launch! The service allows you access to everything going in and out (...)

Hebrew Translator Needed!

UPDATE — We found one! We are working with a translator now who can help us get the Hebrew edition going. You can still contact us about being a part of funding this p (...)

Good & Evil Update – Corresponde...

The following are sample email correspondence between our office and project manager for non-English Good & Evil translations.

NGJ Kids: May-June 2013 Build A Shelter Co...

Winner! Sharon RosaLee Tate, Age 11 First, I got sticks and vines.  Second of all,  I located 2 trees close together.  I tied a stick on the trees with vines going from one tree to (...)

NGJ Kids: Two Cups of Cake

A fun baking project for the youngsters! Free recipe and instructions on how to make two "cup-cakes."

The Harding Family

The Harding Family (College By 12), are coming to the Shindig! Meet them here.

We apologize!

There will be a short delay in the launching of the Mobile Safe Families services. We are still testing it and working out the kinks and want to have it as user friendly as (...)


If you have read In Search Of A Help Meet, we encourage you to go to Amazon and write a review (or constructive critique) to help others who are making the decision to purchase (...)

Rick is Purchasing a Generator!

Thank you from the Batsons and NGJ for your generosity in providing the funds for Rick to purchase a generator. Political corruption will no longer interfere and the shows (...)

Missionary to Philippines Needs Generator

Due to the prevalent political corruption, the Filipino schools often experience unscheduled power brownouts, which can last for several hours, when the politicians will (...)

Rick Needs a Generator! Political corrupti...

Please prayerfully consider helping Rick purchase a generator by donating to Philippines Missions (...)

Missions Update: TJ

TJ can now purchase THREE vehicles and have some money to add much-needed shelter for his family on their little farm. They have a very small house and the children are (...)

Thank you!

Thank you! TJ's goals were met and he has ordered his vehicles. Field report to follow shortly...

Year End Gifts

Time spent before the end of 2012 determining the best ways to make your charitable gifts, can help you stretch your charitable dollars. Pending and proposed changes to tax (...)

NGJ Kids: January-February 2013

Hi there! My name is Anthony and I’m glad to meet you! I am a boy, 10 years old, and live in Washington. The missionary Henry Martin (in the picture I drew) was preaching to the M (...)

Back in the Saddle

Mike’s back in the saddle again, the “saddle” of his Kubota. It is one of his favorite places to be. Thank you Isaac and Kim Bohannon of Dooley Tractor Co. (DTC) in Athens, TN for (...)

Did Debi Pack Your Order?

So many orders! Debi stopped writing and decided to come get in on the fun. Did she pull your order? Check your invoice for initials DP.

Michael Pearl, 2012 World Champion Tomahaw...

Great news—Mike is the 2012 WORLD CHAMPION Tomahawk Thrower! He also narrowly beat a Frenchman and a Canadian to win the most coveted gold cup for knife throwing in the U (...)

Big Shindig a Huge Success!

We want to thank the attendees of the Big Texas Shindig for their part in making it a success. It was a great time of fun, fellowship, and encouragement.

Shindig Registration is Now Closed!

Registration for The Big Texas Shindig is now Closed. Please Pray for everyone’s safety while traveling and during the Shindig and that everyone is encouraged and blessed (...)

Send Us Your Questions for the Big Texas S...

For those of you planning on coming to the Big Texas Shindig in October, send us your questions now so we come prepared to answer the hot topics! Email your questions to (...)

The Fruit of Child Training – Webina...

Now available in our video archives - The Fruit of Child Training webinar, originally aired Live on June 21st.

TJ’s Coming to Texas

TJ a missionary in SE Asia will be speaking at some churches in Texas if you interested in hearing about his translation work and printing ministry in SE Asia, or if you (...)

April eMag and this week’s Cane Cree...

The NGJ eMagazine: April 2012 issue is now online! Originally released exclusively to our email list on March 15, it has now been posted to the online archive and is (...)

Latest Cane Creek Corner is live!

We send it out to our email list every Tuesday and Friday, featuring either a video clip or a vintage audio clip. You'll enjoy them!

Michael Pearl does another interview with ...

Dr. Drew gets Mike's perspective again, this time in regard to a recent case involving a man accused of making a child eat screws.

TJ’s Homecoming

TJ and his family will arrive back in the USA on March 21 for a six-month furlough. If you are interested in hearing about his translation work and printing ministry in SE Asia (...)

“To Train Up A Child” authors defend c...

News story from WPEC 12 (CBS) West Palm Beach

Fox 13 News Memphis

Mike is still the “go-to guy” on the spanking controversy. See the news report, “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child?” by reporter Jill Monier on Fox 13 News Memphis featuring Mike (...)

NGJ Kids: March-April 2012

Recipe for Healthy Caramel Corn, and Happy Train coloring page for next art contest.

Michael Pearl on Dr. Drew’s Lifechan...

See Michael Pearl on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers Show on Tuesday, February 21, 2012. Check the Dr. Drew website for the CW Network affiliate and air time in your area!

Luke Now Available in the Store!

Mike's verse-by-verse audio teaching on the book of Luke is now available as a Digital Download in our Web Store!

Created to NEED a Help Meet – Now Sh...

Mike's marriage guide for men, Created to Need a Help Meet, has finally arrived and is now shipping. Order your copy today!

KKMS Radio Interviews

The third Friday of every month, Michael is the featured guest on Bradley Brandon’s “Word of Truth” show at 3:30 pm CT on KKMS in Minneapolis, MN. You can listen to live or archi (...)

Today Show Interview

Mike is scheduled to be on NBC’s Today Show sometime this week. Check the Today Show website for local listings for stations and times in your area. Watch here for details or s (...)

Anderson Cooper Interview

Mike has recorded an interview with Anderson Cooper to air on Anderson’s daytime talk show this Friday December 2nd. Go to the

Polish Holy Sex

A couple from Poland visited us a few months ago, and we were blessed by their love for God's teaching. He has translated and published some of our books into the Polish (...)

Nursing Home Party

Cane Creek had a surprise 50th birthday party for a local couple.

NGJ eMagazine: December 2011 is Now Live!

emag, emagazine, december 2011, zmags

December eMagazine Coming Soon!

The December 2011 issue of our digital-only eMagazine was due out the 15th, however the service we use to publish the content is having some technical difficulties which has (...)

NGJ Kids: December 2011

Growing sweet potato slips is fun and you can do it on a window sill or a greenhouse.

New York Times Interview

Erick Eckholm, a reporter for the New York Times, visited The Church at Cane Creek Sunday October 16, 2011 and participated in the first annual “Corn Festival”. Read the New York T (...)

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Mike now has two gold cups from THE KNIFE & TOMAHAWK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2011

Update: New NGJ Website

Our new website is going to be fabulous! We have people working on it night and day. However the Bird’s Eye View is still on hold so we can devote our undivided attention to c (...)

Mike & Debi in Texas

This is a big week for Mike and Debi. They are traveling and doing seminars in Texas with James and Shoshanna. If you are interested in having Mike for a 2012 seminar now is the (...)

Anderson Cooper 360 Live Interview

Check out Michael Pearl’s interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and post a comment: Watch Now (on – Anderson Cooper 360 Live Interview

Update: Postponing Dailies

We tried to have the new NGJ website up by the 17th, but due to overworked staff it hasn’t quite happened yet. We did launch the new store, so check it out. We are still (...)

Postponing Dailies

The web team is working on launching the new and improved NGJ website and is temporarily postponing the Bird’s Eye View until Oct. 17th. Please feel free to view our archives.

In the News

The answer to this week’s Bible question was: King Solomon, the man to whom God said, “What shall I give thee?” The story of how he decided what he wanted is found in 1 King chapte (...)

Bats on a Stick

Missionary kids can’t be finicky about what they eat. Crickets, silkworms, cow brains, fish eyes: you name it. In fact, they fight over the stuff. These are T.J.’s (...)

Hot off the Press

Since July over 1,900 copies of the Russian Good and Evil Bible storybooks have been distributed in (...)

Did You Know: Does God Give Some People An...

In the Bible there is a story about God offering a man anything he wanted. Who was that man? What did he want? Name the passage of Scripture where the story occurs. Send your (...)

Waco Texas Area

Mike and Debi will be traveling through Waco, Texas on November 3, 2011 and are available to speak at your church or homeschool group. For more information or to schedule a (...)

In The News: Smart Kids or Wise Parents?

The answer to this week’s Bible question is: The Prophetess Deborah, and she fusses at the head of the army for being a wimp and not leading the army himself. The story is (...)

Weekly Recipe: Soooo Good Fish Soup

  Recipe from Shoshanna’s Making Babies DVD series, coming soon ( This recipe calls for 2 cups of brown rice, to be cooked ahead of time. Herban (...)

Did You Know? Does God Use Women as Warrio...

There is a story of a lady in the Bible who leads an army against God’s enemy. Who was the lady? Name the passage of Scripture. Send your answer to: [email protected]. A p (...)

Former NGJ Employee Continues to Minister

I live in Southeast Asia, assisting in the missions publishing office that also handles the Good and Evil translation project. I am truly blessed to have a part in the production (...)

A Missions-Minded Reader

On April 18th, my friends helped me celebrate my 18th birthday with a fundraiser for No Greater Joy Ministries. “3 on 3 Basketball” with a 3-point contest and a foul shot contest (...)

Fall Green

GREENS! Chinese cabbage, kale, mustard, turnip, beets (and more!) are coming along fine. These will be a great boost for the body!

In the News

The answer to this week’s Bible questions was: Job and the passage was Job 42:10—17, and the winner is: Jessica Prindler! We had such an amazing amount of responses—it was such a b (...)

Bug Swap

Sometimes, getting dirty is half the fun! Enjoy this short story about the childhood adventures of two best friends as Helen introduces Sue to the great outdoors, bug hunting (...)

Weekly Recipe: Blackened Trout On A Bed Of...

Recipe from Shoshanna’s Making Babies DVD series, coming soon to Blackened Trout on a Bed of Herbed Quinoa Prep: 10 min.   Cook:  25 min.   Serves: 4 Trout 1 (...)

An Artist in the Making

Every child needs a dream—a dream of becoming a real artist, because some really are.

Did You Know: Does God Consider Beauty?

[notice]Note: This contest is no longer open. Thanks to all who participated![/notice] There is a story in the Bible about a man who was blessed of God. His daughters were known (...)

Flash Forward

On September 15th, IF you are already an e-mail subscriber, you will receive an e-mail with the new e-NGJ Magazine. This month features Mike answering a question on Frustration (...)

9/11 Remembrance

Today is the 10-year Memorial where we remember the thousands that were lost in the tragic event of the September 11 attacks. American citizens all over the country are flying (...)

What a Helper!

One of the young girls is helping Shalom and Daddy Bill can pears from Shalom’s pear tree!

Watch For the New Quiz

Every Tuesday we will put up a trick question about a story or person in the Bible. Everyone will be offered a chance to email us the answer. Then Friday we will give the answer (...)

Hawaiian Skirts

Laila turned 4 this past month. She wanted Hawaiian skirts made for herself and her puppy, Pard. Here they are!

Missionaries Josh and Kelsie

We have known Josh since he was a young boy. His goal and focus has always been eternal. He’s a family man, translator, teacher, leader and servant. He’s a hard (...)

Harvesting the Grapes

Shalom and the kids are harvesting the Grapes. The kids are looking forward to making freezer jam to enjoy with their peanut butter.

Lots of Videos Happening Here at NGJ

Were back at it again! In July we filmed 5+ videos for the August e-Mag. Now us girls are all busy filming and editing for our September eMagazine. If you’re not signed up on our e (...)

Most Creative

Annette is the most creative person in the office. While she was waiting for your order on the phone she made these!

Meet The Staff: Cameron

Cameron is our new and very efficient part-time cook, and John’s daughter. Welcome, Cameron.


Where are you? You were supposed to send us your picture and what you have been doing lately. Here’s a reminder on how to do that.

10 New Chickies

Debi had 10 new baby chicks hatch. She is so excited!

A Better Way to Share

New NGJ Distributors sign up almost every week. One family decided to make being a NGJ Distributor a part of their ministry. They travel and sing as a family and offer assorted (...)

Weekly Recipe: Sweet Potato Pie

Kathy made this for Mike and Debi for their 40th anniversary. 1 Pie Crust—baked (Hint: Brush the crust with beaten egg white before baking. This makes it golden brown and keeps it (...)

Another Anniversary

Another anniversary: Tom and Kathy just had their 42nd, 1 day after Mike and Debi!

Happy Couple!

Yesterday, August 22nd, Mike and Debi celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary!

Daddy Bill Keeping A Watchful Eye

Daddy Bill’s favorite place to sit is on the porch swing, with his toothpick, keeping a watchful eye on everyone going back and forth from the office.

Little Boy, Big Smile

Parker is happier working with his Daddy at the shop than anywhere else. When Daddy comes home Parker screams with delight at the sound of his truck coming up the drive!

Coffee Grounds Escaping

Well the office scraps go to the pigs but the coffee grounds and tea bags disappear when Lynne leaves the building. The frugal Yankee has never met compost she didn’t like (...)

Losing Our Staff

Our Cook and Assistant Web Master are off to college. Debi is very sad about this.

Response to Schatz case

District Attorney’s Comment No Greater Joy has recently received several negative comments in connection with the Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz case in California. The following is q (...)

Herb Garden/Playground

The other day a visitor came to entertain the kids while they played on the Playground next to Mama Pearl’s Herb Garden. It was a non-poisonous snake. During lunch Jeremiah b (...)

Flash Back

This past month in the e-NGJ Magazine featured Mike answering a question on biting and Kirsten and Liz talking about a Small Flame. If you are not part of NGJs email list sign up (...)

Loquats for Your Health

When a tree her parents planted two years earlier began to produce little yellow fruit, this studious 14-year-old began to cultivate the seeds and research the uses and (...)

Light in Nicaragua

Paul Karmin and Ray Lawson purchased Good and Evil books in the Spanish language which were sent to Nicaragua with a Baptist College Ministry from the University of South (...)

Fall Garden Started

It’s not to late to start your Fall and Winter garden. Debi started hers full of Cabbage, Broccoli, Cilantro, Chinese Cabbage and Spinach. Cold weather plants do not (...)

The Great Fly Slayer

Mike came into the office this morning and told us he was throwing knives and split a Flying Ant in half. He is getting geared up for the World Championship Knife Competition in (...)

Blueberry Hill

This is Pearl’s Blueberry Hill. Shalom and her children, as well as the rest of the grandkids, love to come and pick berries in the late afternoon.

Picking Green Beans

This past week, Shalom, Gracie and Laila gathered lots and lots of Green Beans to be canned today so we can enjoy them this Winter.

Weekly Recipe: Fast Donuts (Not Healthy)

Use any canned biscuits from the grocery store, put a hole in middle, drop into “hot” coconut oil, fry, and turn until golden brown. Sprinkle powdered sugar, cinnamon, or honey on (...)

Peppermint Tea

This is Parker’s first summer to join in on picking Peppermint tea. He can’t decide if he likes it or not. The tea is easy to make by rubbing the stems together in a pan of c (...)

Over 70 Languages Now in Progress for Good...

During the year 2007, great headway was made in the vision for publishing Good and Evil in 100 world languages. As we surge into 2008, God is truly blessing this ambitious (...)

Leaps and Bounds?

We are working every day toward advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ in America and in those countries where Christ is least known.

Good and Evil Update (February 2010)

A missionary in Southeast Asia has committed to another 20,000 print run in Simplified Chinese and is supplying all the funding, allowing NGJ to fund other Good and Evil (...)

Report on the Good and Evil Book Distribut...

Report on the Good and Evil Book Distribution Project (From the November-December 2010 Issue of NGJ Magazine) No Greater Joy magazine had an article in the May-June 2010 issue (...)

Echinacea: Mama Pearl’s Herb Garden

Gracie is enjoying the Echinacea in Mama Pearl’s Herb Garden. To find out more about Echinacea, you can visit:

Good Eatin’

Mel recently returned from seminar presentations at Camp Fort Rock. After seeing this menu he decided today would be a good day to fast!

Big Papa’s Garden

Big Papa’s beautiful green garden being watered in the heat of the afternoon.

Feeding the Pigs

Everyday NGJ takes all the leftover scraps from lunch and feeds them to the three hungry, ugly little pigs. They belong to Justin and Shalom.

The Sixties Long Hair Club

These three ladies in the office are 60 years old or older. Kathy donated 12 inches this year, Annette is planning on giving her locks soon, but Debi is keeping all of hers.

Chanterelle Mushrooms

The other day the staff ladies here at NGJ went on a little “field trip” into the woods to get some fresh Summer air. During this field trip they discovered a patch of Chanterelle (...)

Canning Tomatoes

Shalom is busy canning her first batch of tomatoes this Summer. Gracie is a big help in getting the jars clean.

Mission Accomplished and Now a Bigger Miss...

Mission accomplished and now a bigger mission! Good and Evil books requested by the Director of Family and Children’s services in northern Mexico! Do you want to take part in m (...)

From Our Readers: The Draa Family

We decided to get up early and get on the river before the sun came out to try to catch some trout. Not only did we get to see a beautiful sunrise, but our son Travis (6) hooked (...)

Herb Garden

Mama Pearl’s Herb Garden is coming along very well this summer. The girls enjoy helping Mama Pearl weed and keep it up.

The Fourth of July

Today is the National Day of the United States. Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is the commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence (...)

Little Disguise

Pard, waiting in the mulched hay in the garden on Mama Pearl, as she transplants flowers


Inventory. A necessary pain that no one looks forward to.

Good Search

GoodSearch offers you a search engine alternate to Google and gives you the opportunity to support your favorite non-profits—including NGJ. Start using GoodSearch today to support (...)

We Need Your Photo Here

We would like your picture of what exciting thing you are doing today—to share your ministry activities and family activities with us and other NGJ readers. Send photo and text by (...)

Family Fun

Playing in the creek—great family fun!

Did You Know?

Did you know that yesterday was Juneteenth? This is a U.S. Holiday created to Celebrate the abolition of slavery in the U.S. It is also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day (...)

Father’s Day

Today American citizens celebrate the annual holiday Father’s Day. This has been celebrated officially since 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed Father’s Day as an (...)

Announcing Our NEW NGJ eMagazine, Coming T...

The new E-NGJ Mag, like the hard copy NGJ Magazine, will have new articles and pictures, but will also include short video clips of the Pearls answering your questions.

Flag Day

This photo represents the 140th Flag Day—June 14, 1917. This year it is the 234th Flag Day. This week is known as “National Flag Week”. The president will usually issue a procl (...)

Contend for Your Faith Tech-Guy

Jared works on the videos for NGJ. He also makes time every Sunday afternoon and evening to work with Nathan on Contend for Your Faith.

Memorial Day

The last Monday of May is Memorial Day. We celebrate this day in remembrance of the soldiers who have died in the service of our country. This year marks the 143rd anniversary of (...)

Clean Up Day!

Surprise, surprise. Mike and John cleaned up the sawmill yard this past week. We are all so pleased!

Leveling the Ground

Mike was leveling the front field this past week. He is going to be planting corn. When asked about all the cows in the field he said he was going to fence it off. Right now when (...)

Alabama Disaster Relief Update 2

Update—May 12, 2011 We want to thank our NGJ supporters for their extreme generosity in giving. NGJ is not a disaster relief ministry but did want to respond and meet the i (...)

Only in Perry County

The county construction crew had this portable outhouse placed on the new bridge as they were building it. The old wooden one which had been there for a good 20 years and only had (...)

Shipping Department

This is the basement where all our packing and shipping is done.

Mother’s Day

Today American citizens celebrate the annual holiday Mother’s Day. This has been celebrated officially since 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson declared the first national M (...)

Planting Begins

This past week Debi and Shalom planted tomatoes. After they plant the seeds they lay cardboard. Then they cover it with hay to hold the cardboard down and make the garden look (...)

Mike’s Mistake?

Mike Pearl never makes a mistake (ha ha) but this afternoon he was in his truck pulling a trailer up the hill, when he came to a steep part that his truck couldn’t handle. So he h (...)

Mike’s House

Mike’s been working hard on his house. It’s coming along great!

Photo Shoot

This past week all the photographers at NGJ and around the community got together to sharpen our photography skills and grow NGJ’s photo library, by snapping pictures every e (...)

Mike’s Poodle

Mike’s new best friend? Yes, this is Mike, and, yes, he is holding a poodle. His name is Pard and Mike even lets him come into the house! Everyone at NGJ is amazed at the way he (...)

It’s the Flood!

Well, the annual Spring flood has hit a little early this year at Cane Creek! The recent heavy rains have caused the local creeks and rivers to rise rapidly. Our office road is c (...)


Mike and Debi enjoy their greenhouse in all season even in the dead of winter, as do the rest of us here at NGJ. Here is a photo of Mike and some of his grandkids pickin’ some g (...)

Southeast Asia Update

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.” Isaiah 9:2


Debi got her first dozen eggs today. Twelve out of her twelve hens laid an egg in the last 24 hours. Wow, is she happy! By Talitha

Sara Sue Reaches Amazon’s Top 100 Bo...

Thank you to all who participated in the Amazon Promotion for Sara Sue Learns To Yell & Tell on March 1, 2 & 3! We reached the Top 100 Books two days in a row.

Bird’s Eye View

This is me. I’m the gal with the bird’s eye view. Although I’ve been here for over six months and know just about everything there is to know about everyone (not really), I am stil (...)

March-April Coloring Contest!

With each magazine issue we will be holding a coloring contest! Kids can print selected coloring pages from our website, color, then send them in.

The Balancing Act (TV Show)—Yell & T...

Our Yell & Tell TV spot aired on Tuesday, February 15!

Preparing—Join the Conversation!

Have you checked out the Preparing To Be A Help Meet website? It's really taking off with great discussions - now it's time for you to join the conversation!

Videos from Readers of Yell and Tell books...

Check out all the YouTube videos that readers of Samuel Learns To Yell And Tell are posting!

Simplified Chinese Good & Evil Books�...

Full Color and black-and-white editions available! Get your copies now and help shine the gospel light to your Chinese-speaking friends.

Yell & Tell Reaches Amazon Top 100!

On November 2 & 3, we hosted a blitz to promote the new book "Samuel Learns To Yell & Tell" on Amazon. We reached the Top 100 with a best ranking of 75.

A Good Report

Mike and Debi are back from Kentucky. God blessed the meetings with the Plain People.

Michael Pearl’s Latest Drama!

Last Wednesday (October 20) Mike was cutting a two-by-four on the table saw when it caught and was pushed through his arm. Photos included.

Belarus Missions—Breaking the Ice Since ...

Though for 130 years they missed such a hot summer, the heat could not dry the souls of American missionaries who watered the hearts of thirsty Byelorussian.

Missionary Life in Ukraine

Here in Ukraine, anyone who isn't Catholic or Orthodox is considered a "sektant" (member of a sect or cult). The mere mention of attending an evangelical church is usually (...)

NGJ Opens Booth in VCRS 2010

Come visit No Greater Joy's booth at the new 2010 Virtual Christian Retailing Show!

A Regular Family Makes an Eternal Differen...

During a recent conversation with Debi, I shared about our involvement with the Good and Evil project, translating it into the Chichewa language of Malawi, Africa. She asked (...)

NGJ Launches New Show—Pearls of Wisdom

Come watch the new Pearls of Wisdom show on YouTube and!

The Preparing to Be a Help Meet Amazon Bli...

Out of over 2.9 million titles offered by Amazon Preparing To Be A Help Meet reached the Amazon Top 100 on 2 days.

New Article Features—Comments

Now you can join the conversation with our new article comments feature! Have an opinion, or want to express how an article has blessed you? Leave your thoughts on any (...)

New Article Features – Print, Email,...

Do more than just read our articles. Share them with a friend or print your own copy! Look for the links in each article’s sidebar. – a New Video Blog!

You can visit this new blog at

Squashing Bad Habits

It’s been several months now and our baby girl is one happy eater. Because of that, she has one happy mama and a happy daddy, too. Who wants to eat a meal with a whiny, p (...)

Squeaky Clean Apprentice

In less than 5 minutes, I taught my 3-year-old daughter, Amanda, to efficiently use a dust buster!

Fatherhood and Friendship

Today I am a 36-year-old man enjoying a blissful marriage. My wife and I are having the time of our lives watching our three children (ages 4, 3, and 18 months) grow up.

Conversation In A “Bible” Book...

“Hello. May I help you?” “Yes. I’m looking for a Bible I can use in my church. Could you help me?” “I’d be happy to. I would recommend the NIV. It is our most popular seller.” “Do (...)

Good and Evil Translation Project

November 9, 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mel Cohen, CFP, RFC Phone: 931 593-2484 Email: [email protected] Evangelistic Picture Bible to Be Translated Into 100 Languages (...)

What God Can Do

When I was a little girl, I hated the Hmong "Jao Fa" people, because they would shoot vehicles and schools.

Influencing Free Choice

How do we as fathers influence our children's free will to make a choice to love God?

Making Melody

Inspired by our book, Created to be His Help Meet, Vickie Jackson wrote a sweet chorus "to sing during the day to help me remember to be a help meet." Let it bless your day (...)

City Living

Read an encouraging letter from a family who rises to the challenge of raising seven children in the city.

What God Has Done!

Jesus Christ, God’s sinless son, covered with all the filthy deeds of degenerate mankind! Who would dare?

When You Are in Eureka Springs, Arkansas&#...

The obedience of this boy most likely saved this marriage and will impact these children all their lives. If you have GOOD NEWS— share it with everyone.

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