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Excerpt from The Bible on Divorce and...

Dear Mike and Debi, My fiancé and I are wanting to get married without a marriage license. We have no idea how such things work. Help us please. — Da (...)

Study Guide for The Bible on Divorce and...

This study guide is a work in progress. Anyone who has further notes to add to the study, please send them to [email protected] so others can (...)

Bible Studies for New Couples

From the pages of In Search of a Help Meet, Ben Sargent's 7-lesson "Bible Studies for New Couples." Young men, you can use this as a (...)

Excerpt from the Big Book of Homeschooling

Homeschooling pioneer and veteran Debi Pearl combines her over 35 years of experience and sound wisdom with the input of other successful (...)

Excerpt from "In Search of a Help Meet"

Be warned, there is a general misunderstanding, among both men and women, as to the nature of a help meet.

Excerpt #2 from Training Children to be...

Leaders and followers Society is composed of leaders and followers. It cannot be otherwise. Followers are essential to the overall good of society (...)

Excerpt from Training Children to Be Strong...

As my children were growing up, I was fully aware that the development of their spirits was my number one priority. My familiarity with the training (...)