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Distributor Testimonials

“Just wanted to say thank you Mel and the gang for your top service in receiving our distributorship. Everyone is loving the books and we look forward to the future with you folks. Have a blessed day in the Lord. Aloha in Christ,”

— Terence & Denise Baligad
NGJ Distributor, Wahiawa, HI

“I recently joined the distributor program for NGJ Ministries. I wanted to say how much this is blessing me by providing these materials to others.

“I have tried everything from selling Home Interiors to Mary Kay—all the things stay-at-home moms get sucked into to try to earn extra income for their families. I have failed at all of these things, and now I know why; I didn’t believe in any of those things. I never truly thought [brand name product] was any better than any other brand. That is the difference in what I am doing now.

“I believe in this ministry and I have seen it change lives. No Greater Joy Ministries has had a part in changing my life, saving my marriage, and helping me to grow in my faith by providing me with real words of wisdom, not just fluff.

“When I sell a book, or give one away, I feel so blessed knowing that I am sharing that with someone else. I thank God that I have a kind, patient husband who was willing to take another chance on something I wanted to do. He is so encouraging, and every time I call him at work excited about selling another book or handing out a free magazine, he’s just as excited as I am. Thank you, and God bless.”

— K. H.
NGJ Distributor

“Ever since being given To Train Up a Child in 1995 our family has been learning from the Pearls’ practical Biblical teaching. As new materials came out my parents and I took turns buying them. We enjoyed the materials so much that a few years ago, before the distributorship program came about, we bought cases of books and other specials to give out to individuals. It was really exciting to hear about the distributor program because with the large discounts on all NGJ’s materials, we would be able to expand our ministry.

“Since becoming a master distributor, I have had the opportunity to speak with many people at conferences and homeschool book sales which I would not otherwise have been able to encourage and help. It is exciting to see the Lord work through these materials and change lives for His glory. The need for sound Biblical teaching is great. What better way to fill the need than to become a distributor for No Greater Joy Ministries.”

— Greg Moore, Jr.
Foundational Family Resources
Brandon, Vermont

“We became Master Distributors only a few months ago. We just love all the materials from the Pearls because it’s so down to earth with so much practical advice, really straight forward and very loving. We feel very blessed having such a range of materials here, not only because it is now easier for others to buy it here in the UK, but also because we can benefit from the material ourselves. As a mother of three small children and part-time work I find it hard to read much, but it’s great and very refreshing to listen to the large range of material available on Cassette, CD or MP3 (for example: the Alabama Seminar or the Created to Be His Help Meet book).”

— Andrew & Sandra Vidler
Your UK distributors - Happy Family Books, (Perth, Scotland)
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