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Master Distributorship Program

NGJ’s Master Distributorship Program

A rewarding home-based business for your entire family!

No Greater Joy Ministries has started a new home-based business program called the Master Distributorship Program for families thank want to start a home based business with more opportunities than our successful regular Business in a Box Distributorship Program. The following information gives you a detailed outline on this new program, how it works, the cost, and how your family can get started right away!

How this program can benefit your family and be used as a ministry.

With many letters from families telling us that in an effort to minister to others, they spend their extra money buying NGJ materials to give away to friends, relatives, and even strangers. With this in mind, the home-based business program was designed with a twofold purpose—to give your family a unique opportunity to minister and serve other families through NGJ’s training materials, and to give you a viable business your entire family can work together and profit from. The regular Distributorship Program offers one set of discounts while the Master Distributorship Program offers larger discounts.

Here’s how the program works

You become an authorized distributor of No Greater Joy materials and you get your first order at a whopping 60% discount off our single unit pricing, plus you get free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. After your initial order, you are authorized to purchase any material NGJ publishes at a 60% discount plus shipping.

You also get 10 free special information reports that teach you how to get your business up and running right away. In addition, the reports will teach you how to market your business, how to set up a business bank account, a basic recordkeeping system and much more! If you are already a Distributor and have received the reports, you can receive an additional hour of consulting time.

Program Cost: $2,500. You will receive a 60% Discount on all single unit priced items we publish. You will receive over $6,250 worth of our material.

Shipping: Shipping at Cost-No Handling Charge-F.O.B. Pleasantville TN 37033 on all reorders. Shipping on the first order is free within the Continental U.S. For orders outside the Continental U.S. you will receive a one-time $50 allowance against your shipping charges.

Reorders: You can reorder any published NGJ material at a 60% discount off single unit pricing plus shipping. Your minimum reorder must be $300.

Mix-n-match: At anytime, on any order including your initial purchase, you are welcome to choose any of NGJ’s 100+ materials. You can choose the materials you want and the quantities you want and still receive the generous discounts on materials published by NGJ.

Returns: We cannot accept returns or issue refunds.

Exchanges: Materials that are in “saleable condition” can be exchanged for other NGJ merchandise only if your purchase the Package Details as described below with no modifications. The cost of the exchanged merchandise must equal the cost of your new selection. If the cost of the exchanged merchandise is less than the new merchandise you must pay for the difference, including the shipping when you reorder the new merchandise. If you make the selections then there are no exchanges or refunds.

Selection: The special discounts apply only to material published by No Greater Joy Ministries.

Payment options: All orders must be prepaid. You can order with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, or you can send a bank check or U.S. Post Office Money Order.

Initial package

We can design an initial package for you based on our best sellers. Just tell us the amount you would like to spend and we will put together an order for you based on our top 5, 10, 15, or 20 best sellers.

Free bonus: 10 Special Info Business and Marketing Reports including the QuickStart Guide.

Why this home-based business will be fun and rewarding

The wonderful thing about NGJ’s Master Distributorship Program is that the materials are so popular and widely read they will sell themselves, making this a great home-based business for your entire family. The new Master Distributorship Program offers higher discounts and more opportunity to resell or offer consignment selling several different ways. For example, you can sell NGJ’s materials to:

  • Homeschool groups
  • Church organizations
  • Families
  • Book clubs
  • Christian schools
  • On the web
  • Independent book stores
  • Flea Markets

Patches of light…

Families really love this program because it’s not just a business; it’s a wonderful opportunity for your family to be a source of light to other families. With all the bad news and bad information nowadays, it’s extremely difficult for families to hear truth and see light, but they are searching for “patches of light.”

You will delight by helping families benefit from the Biblical truths and commonsense wisdom found in NGJ’s materials. As the destructive influences of the world and pop culture continue to damage families and negatively effect parent/child relationships, there is a deep need for the kind of teaching and training found NGJ’s materials.

Valuable life lessons for your children

Another benefit of the program is that it allows you to teach your children the value of hard work, enterprise, finances, creativity, and other essential life skills. Involving children of all ages will allow them to learn how to work as a team, serve, and build communication skills.

If you have additional questions about this program or you need more information, please contact us at 1-931-593-3115. Or, email [email protected]

Get Started by Calling Us Today!

Current Distributors

If you are already a Distributor and want to upgrade to a Master Distributor, email or call us for details. Your largest three previous purchases will apply toward the minimum Master Distributor purchase amount.

EXAMPLE: Your three largest purchases total $1,625. Your next purchase only has to be $875 to qualify as a Master Distributor. Your 60% discount off retail pricing will apply on the $875 purchase. The $875 order and all future orders will be processed at a 60% discount off single book retail pricing. If out of the Continental U.S. you will also receive a onetime $50 shipping allowance on the $875 order.


1.Who can become a Distributor for No Greater Joy Ministries?
Individuals, Ministries, Bookstores, and Churches can all become Distributors.

2.Are Distributors restricted by physical location?
No. We have Distributors throughout the U.S. and 8 foreign countries.

3.Do I have to retail my items at the same prices as the NGJ retail?
No. There are no restrictions. You can sell at whatever desired mark-up or profit you wish to attain. You can offer special sales or give our products away if you desire.

4.Will I be competing with other Distributors in my area?
There has not been enough Distributorships sold as to cause competition between them. If we were to get an inquiry from a potential Distributor in an already established area, then we would notify them that there already is a Distributor in their potential trading area.

5.If I become a Distributor can I use images from your website and order blank?
You can let us know what you need and we can send you a PDF.

6.Is there a way to get a description on some of the titles we are not familiar with?
Email [email protected] and we will email back a description of all the titles we have descriptions on.

7.Can I receive extra copies of the Magazine to use as a selling tool?
Email [email protected] with the desired quantity and we can send them to you. Up to 25 we will pay the shipping for you, over 25 you will need to pay for the shipping. We will honor one request per each issue of our Magazine.

8.Are there quotas to remain a Distributor?
There are no quotas to remain a Distributor, but the minimum reorder for Master Distributors is $300 ($100 for regular Distributors).

9.Does the same discount apply to all items on your order blank, are there any restrictions?
The discounts apply to any and all items that we produce or publish ourselves. Other authors are not discounted. All discounts are off the single book price. Combination specials and case discounts do not apply as we would be providing a discount on top of a discount.

10.If we are an overseas Distributor, can we get a link from your web site to ours?
Yes. Provide us with the information and we will post your link on our on order blank. We will provide an email address if you do not have a web address.

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