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La educación en el hogar como forma de vida

Para muchos, la “educación” es el enfoque principal en la “educación en el hogar”. En cuanto a mí, “hogar” es lo más importante. “Hola, Rebekah, soy tu mamá… Te quiero… ¿Te gustaría cantar la canción del ABC conmigo, Rebekah? Aquí … Read more

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Observing the Process

At four years old, my son was letting me know that he was ready to learn how to read.

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Mail Bag – Attitude: Moody Kids

Transcription [intro music] Debi Pearl:  Papa and I are going to record, so y’all go ahead and shut the door. [door slams] Child 1:  Come on, let’s go play tag. Tag! You’re it. [laughs] Child 2:  I’m going to get … Read more

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Happy african american dad with little curly headed son

Spank and Save a Child

According to the research, children spanked up to the age of 6 were likely as teenagers to perform better at school and were more likely to carry out volunteer work and to want to go to college than their peers who had never been physically disciplined.

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Is there any Scriptural evidence for your planet Eden theory?

Is there any Scriptural evidence for your planet Eden theory?

Watch Video November 2009

God’s Story Coming Alive

From the time I was a baby, Dad and Mom taught us stories from the Bible. I remember us kids sitting on the floor as Dad went through the Old Testament, telling the stories of sin and judgment, of grace and sacrifice.

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Which Curriculum is the Best?

When parents decide to homeschool, one of the first questions raised in their minds is “which curriculum?” There are some wonderful lines of material out there for the home-schooled kid of every grade and bent. How to choose one?

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Ministry to Military Families

Stand with us in our new ministry towards the families whose fathers are serving overseas.

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Garlic, again

Dear Beka,
Last NGJ you told us to use garlic for earaches? How? You also mentioned poultices. What’s that? Where do we learn how to treat our children with herbs? I need something simple and basic.

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Homeschooling as a Way of Life

For many, “school” is the main focus in “homeschooling.” As for me “home” is most important.

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