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Good & Evil - Chinese


View July 2012

Simplified Chinese Good & Evil Books—Now in Stock!

Full Color and black-and-white editions available! Get your copies now and help shine the gospel light to your Chinese-speaking friends.

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The Chinese Waitress

You can show your children how to be a real light unto this world, not just a sweet example. You can make an eternal difference.

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NGJ Worldwide Ministries

NGJ Ministries Worldwide Licensing Agreements

As we move forward with licensing agreements we expect that our combined sales through licensed books will continue to outpace our domestic sales by a wide margin. This is our area of growth for 2014 and beyond.

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Mirror Children

Raising children in today’s evil times is not for the lazy, indifferent, or casual parent who is swept along with the flow of society—even Christian society.

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Lifestyle Homeschooling

You can’t be too ignorant to homeschool. It is not how much you know; it is how much you are learning. You don’t need to communicate great things; you just need to communicate the joy of learning.

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A Blessed Year (A Word from Mike)

A Blessed Year (A Word from Mike)

2015 was a blessed year at No Greater Joy Ministries. US subscriptions to our magazine continue to increase, presently reaching about 42,000 homes.

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Watching Prophecy Being Fulfilled

Watching Prophecy Being Fulfilled

Conditions are rapidly aligning with Ezekiel’s 2,700-year-old prophecy. Fulfillment seems imminent. Our redemption draws nearer with every newscast.

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Prophecy, Preparation, and Panic

Prophecy, Preparation, and Panic: End Times Preparedness

Only the Lord knows if the next several months will bring about economic instabilities. But you can be informed and prepared to wisely steward the resources which He has entrusted to you.

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Michael and Debi Pearl young family

What Hath God Wrought?

It has been 20 years since the very first issue of the No Greater Joy magazine. I can still remember sitting at our kitchen table, hand-addressing each one!

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