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Tornado destruction in Moore, OK

Oklahoma Disaster Relief – Tragedy Strikes and Help Arrives!

Soon after the reports of the devastation in Oklahoma started coming in, local efforts began to go and help. One of the local Amish men and his sons, as well as several others started making their way to Oklahoma. They … Read more

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The Gift of Music

Music becomes the gateway to increased brain power for all areas of learning, including math, science, and memory. Here’s how to incorporate it in your child’s everyday life to build a big brain!

Read Article August 2019

What is Neuroplasticity?

Why should you want to read a book about the strange-sounding, relatively new science called neuroplasticity? How could knowledge of this science help you? More than you could ever believe.

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El Perfil de Jezabel

A diario leo muchas cartas de mujeres que están teniendo problemas en su matrimonio. También recibo cartas de mujeres que testifican de la victoria que han recibido y la sanación que ha ocurrido. He desarrollado gran perspectiva  al leer estos … Read more

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A Peek Behind the Scenes

I want to introduce our team to you and let them share how they came to be part of No Greater Joy Ministries. We are profoundly thankful that God has raised up such a dedicated group of servants to aid us in the work he has called us to do.

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The Boys of Boston Shall Lead Us

Through a study done in the 1970s, we learned the single most determining factor in how to have a happy life.

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(Un)Common Law

Parents write in with their questions regarding teaching their kids to share, while still respecting their rights to personal property.

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Rescued Raptor

Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted a raptor (bird of prey) for a pet. I just never thought it would be a vulture. Yep, you heard me right. I have a pet vulture.

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Instilling Hope

There are no expectations in life that are worth taking away a child’s hope. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are foolish endeavors compared to eternal joys, thanksgiving, hope, and charity.

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