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Pearl family in 1979

How to Survive the Coming Apocalypse, Part 1: Fear Not Them Which Destroy the Body

In the final analysis, it is not the community or the church that produces great children and tremendous adults; it is home life rooted in sincere, relaxed love of God and family that bears eternal fruit.

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Command Marries Dreamer – Preparing Session with Shalom Brand from the Big Texas Shindig

What is a dreamer to do? What kind of attitude should you have if you are a motivated visionary who finds yourself married to a commanding sort of man? Shalom has answers.

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Born Again Clip 2 When Can a Child be Born Again?

Transcription Michael:  When can a child be born again? I’m not sure that any of us will know in the life of our children when they’re ready to be born again. I mean, if they get 21, you could know, … Read more

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Chapter 8 Alabama Seminar

Transcription [music] Announcer:  Television, intensely disrespectful children, bickering, and conquering defiance. Mike answers more questions at the Alabama seminar. Michael Pearl:  All right, another question. Audience Member: . . . tell them to do something and then they don’t do … Read more

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Chapter 7 Alabama Seminar

Transcription [music] Woman 1:  Mike answers questions regarding everything from getting respect from teenagers to nursing. Then he and Debi get caught up discussing homeschooling from life instead of books. Michael Pearl:  Do you have any question you would like … Read more

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Bible Basics: Part 2 Session with Michael Pearl from the Big Texas Shindig

What are the words of God? It is vitally important to know that we have the actual words of God.

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Chapter 6 Alabama Seminar

Transcription [music] Announcer:  How do you teach your children to deal with life and know its meaning? Mike shares the rest of his 12 basic keys to parenting. Michael Pearl:  The fifth one is communication. Communication is what society is … Read more

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Rick Batson, Missionary to Philippines

Missionary to Philippines Needs Generator

Due to the prevalent political corruption, the Filipino schools often experience unscheduled power brownouts, which can last for several hours, when the politicians will divert the electricity for personal gain. Rick has to schedule his school presentations in advance; if a brownout occurs during the time of his presentation, he cannot show the films. Please prayerfully consider helping Rick purchase a generator by donating to Philippines Missions today.

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Alabama Seminar Chapter 5

As Mike continues his keys to parenting, hear a fun hunting story involving a very small Gabriel Pearl. And then, listen for a surefire way to turn around your kids’ behavior, if you are sincere.

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