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Bible Conference Report

It was like a big family reunion

Read Article April 2005

More Than Obedience?

Should I expect her do more than what she is commanded? Isn’t that asking too much?

Read Article February 2005

Ministry to Military Families

Stand with us in our new ministry towards the families whose fathers are serving overseas.

Read Article February 2005

A Basket of Good Ideas

Handmade things have always been my specialty.

Read Article December 2004

Living Parallel Lives in the Same Space

“We appear to be on track in every way, and very “together.” But those on the outside do not see, as I do, the missing component in our parent-child relationships.” – From a reader

Read Article December 2004
Book Cover

Created to Be His Help Meet

Get a first look at Debi’s new book for women. Read excerpts that address issues ranging from the power of a smile to how to understand your man.

Read Article October 2004

We Went West and Came Back Rejoicing

Everywhere we went it felt like a reunion. We met so many absolutely delightful Saints of God.

Read Article October 2004

Bilberry and Pilots

During WWII, pilots in the British Royal Air Force ate bilberry preserves before flying, crediting it with improving their vision when flying night bombing runs.

Read Article August 2004

Training Boys

I am often asked how to raise boys. It has been so long since my boys were 12 and 14 that I had forgotten much of what we did, but because we have the Russian boys back with us this summer, relating to them again has refreshed my memory considerably.

Read Article June 2004

Are We There Yet?

-Acquiring Tools for Life
Every time you receive a newsletter, you sit down and read it. You’ve followed Mike Pearl’s advice and trained your children to obey and work hard. They’re not perfect “yet,” but your family is happy, and you are satisfied…well, almost.

Read Article April 2004

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