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Are We There Yet?

-Acquiring Tools for Life
Every time you receive a newsletter, you sit down and read it. You’ve followed Mike Pearl’s advice and trained your children to obey and work hard. They’re not perfect “yet,” but your family is happy, and you are satisfied…well, almost.

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Our Western culture is evangelistic and totalitarian in its zeal to promote secular humanism.

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Jealous of Daddy

Dear Pearls,
My second son has always been a tender, loving child who really loves his mama. Lately he has almost been what appears to be jealous of his daddy’s affection toward me.

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Give Me Liberty

Back in the mid to late 70s, I was still a skinny little girl with ratty braids and huge eyes. My parents were on the cutting edge of the homeschool movement, and being the oldest of five children, I was the experimental guinea pig.

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I’ve asked a male or two this question in a over a dozen foreign countries: “What is the most valuable and attractive attribute a woman can have in your culture?” The answer has been consistent in every country, Happy, cheerful, fun, joyful, smiling, good attitude… etc.

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The Teacher
Boredom was an unknown ailment in our house, thanks to Mom. With the energy of 10 monkeys on NoDoze pills, she started one project after another and completed at least half of them. Her curiosity is insatiable.

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Your Authority Voice

Do you have an authority voice? How is it different from your regular voice? What are your children hearing? Do you command respect when you give orders, or do you whine out your “requests”? Does your child know when she is hearing an ultimatum?

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Eating Meat – The “Doctrine of Devils”

…Some say that it was not God’s original plan for us to eat meat. His original plan was for us to go around naked, but things have changed…

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Safeguarding Your Children

Dad’s reaction and openness about sin, and God’s hatred of sin gave us assurance in dealing with the world when Dad wasn’t around.

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Homeschooling as a Way of Life

For many, “school” is the main focus in “homeschooling.” As for me “home” is most important.

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