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Becoming Tempered Steel DVD

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In this three part session, Joshua Steele, a full-time missionary in Ukraine, talks to young men about being a man and a minister of the gospel. He goes into detail about the unique challenges young men will face as ministers, and how to arm yourselves for spiritual warfare.
This DVD is highly recommended by Michael Pearl.

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Becoming Tempered Steel is a three-part series encouraging young men to be good soldiers of Jesus Christ. Each message is based on a portion of 2 Timothy 2. The following is a brief summary of the material covered:

Session 1: Chosen to be a soldier

This session begins with a look at tactical weaponry and draws parallels between modern warfare and the soldier of Christ. Young men are urged to acknowledge the reality of the war we are all fighting, and to make a conscious choice about which side they will fight for. This includes a clear Gospel presentation and also provides a deep look at imputed righteousness in Romans 4.

Session 2: Depart from Iniquity

This session is based on 2 Timothy 2:19, and it begins with a look at addiction. From here, we progress into an examination of Romans 6 and the topic of biblical freedom from sin. Young men are encouraged to embrace the liberty given them in Christ and to walk in it daily.

Session 3: Avoid Entanglement

The material in this session is built around 2 Timothy 2:3 and addresses the issue of world entanglements vs. total commitment to Christ. Topics include maintaining a clear conscience, living in sobriety, and many practical exhortations for men desiring to live in godliness.

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Joshua Steele


No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc.


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