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Faith: More Than You Think


“We were created to live in faith but have developed a culture to live without it.” ~Michael Pearl
There was once a time in America that faith was admired. As a nation we have lost our way, but that isn’t new. The Bible is a chronicle that bears witness to the human journey back to abiding in faith with the Godhead.
Faith; More Than You Think is a recounting of that journey.
Michael Pearl begins by responding to many misconceptions on faith and will in the progress of his book list biblical examples and scripture alongside powerful testimonies from his personal experiences.
Over the years, an overwhelming amount of false Bible doctrine and harmful teaching has seeped into the church, leading many away from God. This book is designed to bring you back. Enjoy the product of eight years of labor and a lifetime of study. You will be shocked and amazed, and in the end your soul will sing for joy and appreciation for God’s eternal purpose for your life. 

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