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Jumping Ship

What to do so your children don't jump ship to the world when they get older
by Michael and Debi Pearl
Book – In this book, Michael and Debi Pearl talk about mistakes parents make and what you can do to keep your children on board with you. 107 pages.
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Display Name Jumping Ship
Subtitle What to do so your children don't jump ship to the world when they get older
Tagline No
Product Type Book
Media Print
ISBN 978-1-892112-98-9
Format No
Language English
Author Michael and Debi Pearl
Manufacturer No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc.
Publication Date Jun 1, 2007
Pages 107
Binding Perfect Paperback
Dimensions 8.3 in ? 5.3 in. ? 0.3 in.
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3 Reviews
My favorite, (Posted on 9/10/2020)

By Mother of Many

This has been my favorite parenting book so far. It addressed my concerns directly and the suggestions made perfect sense. I finished reading it feeling uplifted and like, "I can do this." I liked it so well I promptly lent it out and need a new copy!

A fantastic insightful read, (Posted on 9/4/2020)

By E

This small book is chocked full have a super practical wisdom on how to have an environment where your children can flourish! I’m a 24-year-old man. This book gets me so excited to be able to have children someday, Lord willing! I will be buying boxes of this book to give away to families I love. God bless you, Pearl family!

One of the BEST!, (Posted on 5/4/2012)

By Battle Maiden

This book is so very helpful, I can't recommend it enough! People just don't seem to get the importance of smiling at their kids, listening to them, walking alongside them. I think this is the most important parenting book the Pearls have written and needs to be read as a refresher as often as you start having a bad attitude about parenting or a bad attitude towards your kids.

Full Product Description

There is a troubling trend showing up among some of the “homeschool crowd.” Their children are discontent and rebellious, jumping ship as soon as they think they can survive without the family—some as young as sixteen years old. Michael Pearl addressed this issue in a series of NGJ magazine articles in 2006. These have now been compiled into this book, along with new material and an additional two chapters covering further issues.

107 pages.

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