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Learning From the Atheists

by Michael Pearl
Booklet – Mike tackles the arguments for the faith by taking the atheists’ own logic to prove Jesus Christ is God.
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Display Name Learning From the Atheists
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Product Type Booklet
Media Print
ISBN 978-1-892112-96-5
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Language English
Author Michael Pearl
Manufacturer No Greater Joy Ministries, Inc.
Publication Date Jan 1, 1970
Pages 31
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Over a period of 50 years, I have spoken with many professing atheists & agnostics. I always find the encounter most interesting. I must say that I am more pleased when a man or woman boldly professes to disbelieve in God than when someone glibly claims to believe. I like talking to atheists or agnostics. They are thinking. They have taken a position and boldly testify. They have reasons. I want to hear their reasons. When anyone claims to believe in anything, he has made himself vulnerable. He has thrown his core beliefs into the public arena for examination. So examine them we will.

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