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Cherubim Clip 1

By Michael Pearl



Woman 1:  Do you believe the Bible? The truth is often stranger than fiction.

Michael Pearl:  We're going to look at a subject this morning that most of you never even heard a sermon on it—cherubim. Do you believe in cherubim? What do they look like? You say, “I saw some pictures of them on a Valentine card. They're about that tall and they got the little bow and arrow in their hand. They're little naked babies about six months old." That's not a cherub.

What does a cherubim look like? If you do believe in cherubim, where did you get the information? You say, "Well, it comes from the Bible." Do you believe everything the Bible says about cherubim? If you do, then you believe some very strange things, because the Bible says some very strange things about them.

Now most people read the Bible for personal experience. They spiritualize it, they allegorize it. In other words, they go to the Bible to find some answer for some personal need, and that's what it means to them.

When they come to some part that's historical or that documents some reality that's outside of their personal experience, and if it's a bit strange, then people tend to dismiss it, allegorize it, and say, "I don't know what it means." But if we, in fact, believe the Bible like it's written, then it actually becomes a really exciting book because we start believing in unidentified flying objects. We start believing in life on other planets out somewhere. We start believing in creatures that are pretty exotic looking, some of them having as many as four faces, having eyes on their backside, having eyes on their chest, wings without feathers—skin wings like bats have—having hands like bats have. These creatures are so big that they can pick up a platform that is thousands of feet across, four of them can, and carry it around through space at the speed of light.

Now, you say, "Where’d you get all that?" I get it out of the Bible. Let's look at what the Bible actually has to say about cherubim.

The first time they're mentioned is in the Garden of Eden. You remember that? If you believe that there were an Adam and an Eve, that God created them, and they fell into sin, and they lived in a garden called Eden, and they were cast out of that garden, then you believe this. Genesis 3:24—"So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."

That was a light saber, that flaming sword. That was not something soaked in kerosene. It was a real zapper. Here was this cherubim at the way guarding the garden to keep people from getting in it. He had to stay there as long as that tree of life was there to keep them from getting access to it.

Today, that tree of life is planted in God's heaven. It still bears twelve manner of fruit. (This is aside.) It still is an herb that heals people, and keeps them from dying, and takes away disease, and keeps them from aging. The cherubim are in charge of that tree of life right now.

It will be brought back to the earth one day to heal the nations according to the book of Revelation. We're already getting weird, aren't we?


Woman 1:  We're really glad you listened today, and we hope that you are blessed. Remember, check our always changing online specials.

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