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Romans Audio

By Michael Pearl

Michael Pearl’s complete and unabridged Book of Romans audio series. Michael has been studying and teaching the book of Romans for over 40 years. This verse-by-verse teaching is presented for the layman from the unique perspective of a student that believes the Bible rather than a scholar that critiques it. Instead of presenting a devotional study, Michael addresses all the hard theological issues that have been the foundation of Christian faith down through the centuries. This teaching is original in many ways, and is not a restatement of other writers. We hope you understand the work of Jesus Christ more fully through this free edition of Michael Pearl’s Romans series.

Download as individual tracks:

01 Romans 1:1-17
02 Romans 1:18-32
03 Romans 2:1-16
04 Romans 2:17-3:4
05 Romans 3:5-23
06 Romans 3:21-31
07 Romans 4
08 Romans 5:1-11
09 Romans 5:12-21
10 Romans 6:1-5
11 Romans 6:6-23
12 Romans 7:1-6
13 Romans 7:7-25
14 Romans 8:1-10
15 Romans 8:10-14
16 Romans 8:15-23
17 Romans 8:8-39
18 Romans 9
19 Romans 10-11
20 Romans 12-16
21 Prologue

This series is also available as a quality MP3 CD through the NGJ web store.

This audio is shared freely in hope that many will fully understand the work and Gospel of Jesus Christ. The audio file(s) can be freely redistributed under the following conditions: they must be distributed intact and unedited; they must be distributed as a complete set; the packaging must display a visible reference to No Greater Joy Ministries and; they must be distributed without charge of any kind.

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21 comments on “Romans Audio”

  1. It seems like the audio skips from Chapter 8 vs. 14 to Chapter 10 vs. 1….I was wondering about some verses in Chapter 9 so I noticed the skip! Was this a mistake when putting together the mp3? I was thinking that you guys had all chapters on the old website format, where we just listened to one chapter at a time. Thanks for making this available – it is such a blessing!

  2. Since I found Mike Pearl on the web I have been really blessed. I am still watching all the help videos he has in here, and I also ordered his magazine! To me he is a great teacher and preacher. If I lived where he lived I would attend his church! I am praying for your ministry, Mike!
    I also only use the Authorized King James version ~ to me, God’s word!

    Serving Jesus,
    C. H. Welch

  3. I truly enjoy listening to Brother Pearl because his messages are easily understood. I watch all of his videos I can find and I get their monthly magazine from NGJ. I wish I lived in Pleasantville because I would attend this man’s ministry as often as I could. He just gives you a good feeling that you have truly heard the gospel, unlike 99% of the modern churches today who preach other than the truth.

  4. Thanks so much for sticking to the Bible. You’ve really helped us “get it,” and I’ve had more victory over sin than ever in the past, through faith.

    Bless you and your ministry!

    The Johnson Family :o)

  5. I really enjoyed and appreciated your explanation of Romans 7.I think you have interpreted it perfectly and it has helped me to understand the WORD.Thanks and God bless you brother. Amen

  6. I just listened to the whole teaching of Romans for the second time. It\’s sooo good! But I noticed this time that Mike\’s preaching is cut off at the end of the last track. It ends at 1:18:31, but he\’s still talking! Don\’t know why I didn\’t notice that the first time …

  7. Michael,
    Happy birthday, your one year and three days older then I, but many year wiser in the scripture. I have read and studied the Word(s) for many years, and heard many wonderful preacher, pastors and teachers. I’ve been involved with SB churches since I was a young child, however sadden by denominational incomplete teaching, and of course the ever present incorrect teaching which besets all denominations.
    I have struggled will the great book of Romans all my adult life however now after listening to you teaching, does it come together and not only Romans but also many other parts of the Bible. Actually I have listened and taken notes, several times. God has blessed you with understanding and the ability to convey the message to those who have ears. As I have ask God to open the eyes of my understanding, I believe He directed me to your teaching. Thanks be to God. I now view myself as ‘reckoned’ as God sees me and honestly I have realized the struggle was not reckoning myself properly. I knew I was save many years ago when I believed the gospel of God and was born from above, now I have so much more joy in my life. Thank you and be encouraged that God is using you even to help old farts like me.



  8. My neighbor and have been listening to your teaching on The Antichrist in the mornings. I am 85 years old have been in church since birth and have been a student of the Bible. Was born again at age 27. Michael is by far the best teacher I have ever heard. Love your teachings. Marvin

  9. Dear Mr Pearl,
    I have to say you are one of the most wise, smart, and detailed people I have ever listened to concerning God,s word. I am so glad I found or was led to your ministries. I just love your no-non sense way of teaching in detail. Thanks and God Bless you and yours.
    Mike Martineau

  10. I just discovered Mr.Pearl’s teachings and his way of explaining questions that many people intrigues me and gets my attention..I come from a Pentecostal denomination and he really reminds me of my grandfather and his lessons I listened to as a young child. God sent this YouTube channel in my direction for a reason. I would love to attend a service of Mr Pearl’s. I would like to know how to send a question for him to try to help me in my quest to know my Creator more than I think I do now. If anyone knows please tell me how to accomplish this. God bless each and everyone.