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March-April 2024

Table of Contents

Mr. Command (King - God the Father)

My daddy was a Mr. Command Man. He was so much so that he teetered on selfish. When he walked in the door at 5 PM after (...)

Mr. Steady (Priest - Jesus)

by Jeff Vowell Since I am new to these pages, it behooves me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Vowell. Debi and Mike (...)

Mr. Visionary (Prophet - Holy Spirit)

This morning I was reading in the book of Joshua where Israel was going to fight against Ai.Joshua sent a couple of (...)

Saying No | What Are Your Rights As A Spouse...

Saying “No” and Meaning It In her book Created to Be His Help Meet, Deb did a great job of presenting the biblical role (...)

Unwanted, Unloved, & Ashamed | Sarala's...

This story is of a girl from an unreached tribal people in India. Her story is told in her own words, combined with (...)

Who's The Best of the Three?

The first man Adam was a Mr. Steady. A Mr. Steady/Priestly Man wants peace, and he wants to give tender favor and (...)

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