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Who's The Best of the Three?

February 14, 2024

The first man Adam was a Mr. Steady. A Mr. Steady/Priestly Man wants peace, and he wants to give tender favor and emotional support to his wife, even when it would be wiser to render judgment. He is in it for the long haul, regardless of the expense—physical, mental, or spiritual.
When Eve ate the forbidden fruit and gave it to Adam, he could not let her stand alone in her judgment. The Bible tells us that he was not deceived as she was (1 Timothy 2:14). Clearly, Adam put his wife before God. He walked into the darkness in support of his woman. He could have and should have honored God, but his inclination was to support his wife. That’s a Mr. Steady.
What would it have been like if Adam had been a Visionary/Prophet type instead of a Priestly/Steady man? He would have taken an entirely different route. He might have started by yelling and stomping about, then devising a “brilliant” plan to forestall the inevitable discovery of her misdeed, then in a panic, come up with ways to try to reason with God—to mitigate the damage done. He might have hidden her or turned to accuse her before God. If Adam had been a Mr. Visionary, he might have done a lot of different things, but he would have been unpredictable, which is classic of his type. Eve would have felt scared but not alone. In the end, Mr. Visionary Adam could have gone either way: turn her in for judgment crying all the way, or daringly take a bite of fruit to experience the existential himself. Mr. Visionary could and should stay rational in making wise, well-thought-out decisions, but his inclination is first a passionate reaction.
Mr. Command/King is not controlled by compassion or a need to fix things. Mr. Command Man will never put his wife’s pain over principle, no matter how much loss he suffers or how badly it hurts her. If you cross the line, well, that’s too bad. Sadly, Mr. Command Man might be guilty of callously judging others while ignoring his own faults.
If Adam had been a Mr. Command Man, Eve would have definitely felt afraid, alone, and rejected by God and Adam, because she would have been rejected. He might have challenged God on the conditions that led to Eve’s ignorant transgression or even tried to instruct God on a renewed approach. But one thing is certain: Adam would never have let Eve know about his discussion with God concerning her sin. When his plan failed, Adam would have sadly walked her to the gate and said bye. Secretly he would be hoping God would take another rib, but if he didn’t, well, that was the price to pay. Granted, if he was so blessed with another woman, he would not let her out of his sight just in case she was a dope like the first edition. I suspect Mr. Command Man’s second marriage would be hard to bear unless he had learned some very serious lessons about relationships between the two ladies. Mr. Command could and should show tender compassion and emotional support, but his inclination is to first move forward regardless of feelings.
Mr. Command, Mr. Steady, and Mr. Visionary men are fallen creatures just like us gals, so they each have their bad and good points. Our goal as wives is to understand them a little better, give them leeway for who they are, and try to help them see our needs as females.

Who Loves More?

Does that all mean that Steady Men and Visionary Men love their wives better than Command Men do? No, it means men are different. God knew what Adam was when he created him. He knew Adam’s empathy and sympathy would cause him to listen to his wife’s every need even when he knew what the results would be.
There are lots of Mr. Steady Men because we need them to make us happy. There are some Mr. Visionary Men because life would be boring without their wild ideas. There are fewer Mr. Command Men because only a few are needed.

Be Better Than Eve
It can be a pain being married to an overbearing Mr. Command Man, but you always know what, where, when, and how life will go because he is the one who will decide.
It is unnerving being married to a Mr. Visionary because you never know what the man is going to do next.
Marriage to Mr. Steady is the easiest and the hardest. A woman married to a Steady Man needs to recognize that she could be leading the entire family, including herself, into tragedy when she manipulates her husband into doing her will, even when she is sure she is right in what she wants. Her man will be inclined to say a hesitant yes even when his wisdom tells him otherwise. She needs to be extra careful not to push her will to get what she wants. Learn to ask his counsel and wait, and then let it go if he shows reluctance.
God often lays aside great possibilities for Steady Men because they marry women who get in the way. These women might be weak and helpless, domineering and demanding, spiritually hungry, business and money smart, fearful, moody, insecure, sickly and hurting, etc. Which one are you? Don’t let that happen.
It would have been glorious if Eve had trusted God and, at the very least, asked her husband’s counsel before she decided she needed to gain the hidden knowledge that the very clever liar offered her. But, Eve knew, regardless of what she did, that Adam would stand with her. What Eve did was believe a lie. She didn’t intentionally sin. I am sure Satan is the best liar of all times, but regardless of her motive the results are the same. She was guilty of disobeying God. By believing a lie, Eve plunged the world into darkness.
Satan continues to come to us and lie, and we as women have the inclination to believe something that feels right. Men are inclined to question, consider, analyze, and plan, so they would be slower to be deceived. Put on the whole armor of God and be open to reproof, correction, and change of mind. Be better than Eve.

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